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This weekend, Sarah and her little ladies hit the road to visit hubster Dan, whose been spending his M-F’s away for the past two months near Chicago, training for a new fancy job. He’s almost done, so they are gonna see where he been stayin at.

Betsy and her crew will be relishing in an activity free weekend by hanging out in pajamas all day, watching kids movies from the 80s and perhaps taking a trip to Namas’s swimming pool, if it’s hot enough.

Happy Saturday!
Here’s some interneting for those of us that like to surf the net while we hang loose in our pjs.

For all our local Southern Pines, NC friends, Sarah recently discovered a little print publication circulating around town called Sand and Pine. With topics like best burger around and talk of the Sunrise Theater, it’s a real treat. Pick one up, will ya!?

Betsy poked around the BlackbirdsLA pocket neighborhood project by Barbara Bestor, which led her to stylist and homestager The Platform Experiment. We were intrigued by all of the use of traditional African textiles, baskets, etc.  From poking around through The Platform’s portfolio and social profiles, we were subsequently led to a very creative and interesting LA Real Estate developer, Tim Braseth. All in all this made for one very productive and inspirational jaunt down a rabbit hole.

Lastly, boy — we are pretty easily intrigued by sociology and the psychology of human interaction, from generation to generation. So when an article hit the webs about the death of the hipster and the rise of a new nomenclature for the Millennial generation, we’re all over it. Sarah and Betsy both were born right on the line between Gen X and the ME gen, so we like to keep our eye on the observations of both. This article totally picked on the lack of productivity of the hipster, but it asserts a label on a new version that emerges from the group of millennials – a creative yuppie, a self identified, idealistic, privileged, creative, entrepreneurial, autonomous group that has flourished into ubiquity on the back of the internet because they felt that they were individually important enough to be themselves and follow their dreams. I’m into it y’all, how ’bout you?

African Mudcloth Pillows by the estate of things for shop teot  vintage african mudcloth pillow styled by the estate of things


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