Merging Dude Decor with Feminine Flourish

I stumbled upon this image when searching for examples of grey couches for the Heffe House Pinterest Board. I wasn’t giving it much thought beyond a couch color to show Heffe, until later – I looked deeper into what was going on here, and I realized that THIS is the perfect marriage of Dude Decor with Feminine Flourish.

If you remove the factory table and the funny green industrial lamp in the back left, and replace the irreverent artwork with a pinkish abstract – you’d have a pretty girly room – despite the clean lines of that tufted sectional. Just take stock of the patterns there. Suzani. Floral. and then there’s that wool blanket in plaid.

Just for Sarah’s benefit – I wanted her to know that I recognize the alium from the domestic efforts of our college days…. We called hers Beaker, and he was beautiful.

Lastly, they do need to replace that ceiling fixture. So what do you think it needs? A glammy chandelier? That industrial Conran Phane pendant that we love??  I was thinking a big linen drum shade could keep it teetering the line between the line of one gender over another. Pick your poison from the Conran USA options. I want to know what you’d put in there?



** NOTE: I’d love to see the rest of this home. That image that I found on Pinterest was sourced from a category page on Design Sponge, but I could only dig in that site for so long. Your knowledge – should you recognize this image, is much appreciated!



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  • how many people do you know planted allium in college, I guess I am a little bit of a plant nerd.

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