Just Put It Anywhere

One of my favorite parts about remodeling is restructuring the space and if the budget allows; adding new architectural elements like bookcases or hidden storage.

The idea of the “not so big house” coined by Sarah Susanka and putting every bit of space to work in a house is a popular one and part of the green revolution.   McMansions are becoming less popular in some areas and circles, and for some folks less than 2000 square feet of living space is where it’s at. 

Susanka book

As houses are being scaled down the need for unconventional storage space increases. In older homes, the hallways and stair landings are generally empty space. I love the idea of popping in a bookcase in these spaces.

stairwell storage Cottage Company

reading nooks can emerge in many different places, image from The Cottage Company

Gambrel bookcase hallway

a beautiful hallway, Steven Gambrel

hallway bookshelf

ilse crawford gorgeous prod co

 Ilse Crawford design for the Gorgeous Production Co.

Update: I found a good article called “Downsizing the McMansion” in remodeling magazine, click here to read it.

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