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Where Sarah and Betsy sign off for the Weekend, and leave you with some reading material and a little insight into our goals for the time we have to spend with family and friends.


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Hey y’all, it’s Betsy.

We picked all 68 oranges off of the orange tree a while back and we’ve been having fresh juice for weeks now. It’s a wonderful weekend treat when there is time to pull out the juicer and make the mess.

What are you up to this weekend? Celebrating your fathers and baby daddies, I hope!

Jeff and I are going downtown to the Los Angeles Beer Festival which is kind of like going to Oktoberfest in my home town of Hickory, NC, down on the square. Just kidding… it’s not like that at all. Similarly, there are lots of different craft beer vendors, and we will likely stand in line with tiny cups to taste the creations of the breweries that have been popping up around here like wildfire. I’m excited to seek out the sours.

Over in NC, Sarah and Dan will celebrating all weekend. Not only is Dan a father, but it’s also his birthday and he is 36. I have been soaking that number in recently! We are full on adults now y’all. It’s still a little tough for me to believe. Happy birthday Dan, I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend full of love and celebration. You and your family are so special to me and I’m so glad they all have you.

Happy Interneting to you guys this weekend. If you find anything good, holler at us!

Have a peek inside a $900k Silverlake home with SoCal boho stylings

This week Jonathan Adler was the guest on the Clever Podcast

There are several conversations that we need to have with our nation, this person resonated with us this week.  

I will always love Sylvia Plath.



the weekend post by the estate of things

Ah, the weekend…

In Los Angeles around this time of year the Jacaranda trees are in bloom and the sky is often a bit gray and gloomy. May Grey & June Gloom are a real thing… it always messes with my nature because despite the fact that I have lived through almost 10 Los Angeles Springs, my body is hardwired for the heat of North Carolina’s Southern sunshine to start sneaking in around this time of year.

So, it’s gray this weekend. But, we got our heat wave this past week and it was a glorious thing. It was so hot in fact that my puppy was crying when we went to the park. We are lucky to live near the ocean breeze and not out there in the valley where he and I baked in the heat during a soccer match.

This weekend we are free. The kids will play with their new AMAZING futuristic virtual reality set and I am off to La Canada to record some vocals for the second album by The Luxembourg Signal.

Sarah will be anxiously awaiting tiles that we bought for the bathroom at the new shop.


Here are some links and things to enjoy with your slow weekend internetting.


Unless your Oprah, Be Yourself is terrible advice.
Are you as tired as I am of hearing the worst advice ever… this article says forget about it… We’re tired of hearing BE YOURSELF. The new new, is be your best self monitored self and fake it till you make it. We knew it all along. I liked this part.

“When we’re looking to change our game, a too rigid self-concept becomes an anchor that keeps us from sailing forth.”

And this part…

No one wants to hear everything that’s in your head. They just want you to live up to what comes out of your mouth.


This week in podcasts I nerded out with Krista Tippett while she interviewed two cultural and social anthropologists in a rather timely political climate about the polarization of our current democratic system, and victoriously a deep dive into the big picture affects that capitalism has on humanity. Whenever a political conversation breaks out among my peers, I am most often quiet. In my head, I’m a champion for capitalism, democracy, the constitution, and the fact that the complexities of failure that our two party politics is presenting is so heart breaking that I can’t bear to participate for lack of wanting to be another bumbling and naive contributor to dumb conversation. So, maybe that makes you disrespect me… I don’t know, that’s why I usually keep my mouth shut.  But if you DO relate to that, or if you like to challenge yourself to think differently about the anecdotes and platitudes of liberal activism… give it a listen. The two interviewees don’t actually agree with one another most of the time, so don’t worry, there is plenty of room in the conversation to ask yourself if you agree or disagree. We would all be better people if we listened to every single episode of On Being.


Sarah and I are sourcing tons of wonderful goods from all over the globe for TEOT. We’re trying to suss out the differences in the numerous wholesale companies. Some simply sell pretty wholesale items to fancy ladies in America. Some build nurturing relationships between global communities. Some provide fair wages for the labor of the artisans. Many of them sell the wares we love and want to look at in the comfort of our homes. It’s led me to do some thinking about giving back in general, more so than just on the granular product level. So, I’m digging in my heels and looking at a few charities. The standout is The Exodus Roada non-profit fighting human slavery and sex trafficking. They seek to help through undercover work and local police raids, on a global scale. It’s immense. My mind hums of fantastic cinematic stories unfolding, but I know that it takes a TON of people to get the job done. So, we’re excited to be narrowing in on a focus for giving.


Happy weekending to you all. I hope my heavy heart isn’t too much to bear on a Saturday morning. It’s gray and gloomy and so it’s got me thinking deeper than your average pretty pillow! <3


Also, sorry for the duplicate images. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I’ll spend the rest of my coffee cup trying to figure it out! 



The Weekend

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Betsy & Sarah in Key West, Spring Break. 2001

Betsy & Sarah in Key West, Spring Break. 2001

Sarah and I are pretty bad at getting our picture made together. But how about this gem that was unearthed while we were looking for some! We are killin’ it with those chokers in 2001…  Chances are very high that we’ll be rocking those again in Hawaii, where we are headed today!

So that’s it, we’ll be on vacation all of next week… together! We’ll see what that means for blogging. I’m sure there will be some instagramming. You can also catch us on Facebook  for a look at our trip.





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It’s the weekend. I got on an airplane and headed to North Carolina. I skipped every single shelter magazine option on the news stand.

Instead I picked up two chicken caesar salads cause I’m good at dieting… except I’m not good at being hungry. I also tried to hide my in-flight tears from very close neighbor as I cried along with Downton Abbey’s most recent episode.

Sarah and I will get together early next week for a minute in person. Until then, I’m headed to Hot Springs, NC to see my cousin don her dip-dyed wedding dress for a small mountain chapel wedding.

Hopefully Sarah will get to go hang out with and hold her family’s newest addition. Her girls have a new baby cousin to love on.





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Hoping y’all have a great one.

Betsy is still trying to get settled back into blogger life. She’s going to head over to her brand new home with the dude and kids to sledgehammer some kitchen cabinets and built-ins that must go.

Perhaps Sarah will be getting a start on all that landscaping she has in mind. She tried to enlist her family in lieu of birthday presents. How did that go, Sarah?

Here’s what is happening on the internet that we’ve been into lately.

Sure, USA doesn’t seem like the network where we’d send you for quality tv, but whoa! Mr. Robot is awesome. We were heavily influenced by Chuck Palahniuk’s FIGHT CLUB era back in our college days at UNCG. The narrative quality of this new show is more than reminiscent, it’s downright inspired. We’ll see if Christian Slater is Brad Pitt or not. Even if he is, we’re not mad about a highly paranoid dystopian vigilante hacker that flails between addiction and aim at taking down corporate America. It’s actually quite clever and we find ourselves feeling really proud for picking up on all of the nuance.

On personal Facebook, Betsy almost exclusively shares inspirations from her favorite site and this week’s was a doozy. Check out The Crossroads Between Should and Must. It might not be for everyone, but if you are ever on the quest for self understanding, and of the ilk of people/society pleasing – then this might help you self reflect.

Thanks Apartment Therapy, for taking note of the Bennett Kitchen Before/After. See the full reveal here.

Betsy found a Tshirt that pretty much sums her up.

And lastly, since you know we follow the goings on of the Ruffalo Home so much that we rank on the first page of Google for the search term, here’s who snagged it up after it passed from Ruffalo, to Zooey Deschanel. It’s now on to the Arctic Monkeys.

Happy Weekending.



18x18 Black Mudcloth Pillow vignete by the Estate of Things


This weekend, Sarah and her little ladies hit the road to visit hubster Dan, whose been spending his M-F’s away for the past two months near Chicago, training for a new fancy job. He’s almost done, so they are gonna see where he been stayin at.

Betsy and her crew will be relishing in an activity free weekend by hanging out in pajamas all day, watching kids movies from the 80s and perhaps taking a trip to Namas’s swimming pool, if it’s hot enough.

Happy Saturday!
Here’s some interneting for those of us that like to surf the net while we hang loose in our pjs.

For all our local Southern Pines, NC friends, Sarah recently discovered a little print publication circulating around town called Sand and Pine. With topics like best burger around and talk of the Sunrise Theater, it’s a real treat. Pick one up, will ya!?

Betsy poked around the BlackbirdsLA pocket neighborhood project by Barbara Bestor, which led her to stylist and homestager The Platform Experiment. We were intrigued by all of the use of traditional African textiles, baskets, etc.  From poking around through The Platform’s portfolio and social profiles, we were subsequently led to a very creative and interesting LA Real Estate developer, Tim Braseth. All in all this made for one very productive and inspirational jaunt down a rabbit hole.

Lastly, boy — we are pretty easily intrigued by sociology and the psychology of human interaction, from generation to generation. So when an article hit the webs about the death of the hipster and the rise of a new nomenclature for the Millennial generation, we’re all over it. Sarah and Betsy both were born right on the line between Gen X and the ME gen, so we like to keep our eye on the observations of both. This article totally picked on the lack of productivity of the hipster, but it asserts a label on a new version that emerges from the group of millennials – a creative yuppie, a self identified, idealistic, privileged, creative, entrepreneurial, autonomous group that has flourished into ubiquity on the back of the internet because they felt that they were individually important enough to be themselves and follow their dreams. I’m into it y’all, how ’bout you?

African Mudcloth Pillows by the estate of things for shop teot  vintage african mudcloth pillow styled by the estate of things