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Rhoney Design Nursery

When Designers make babies!

Meet Mallory Gray, the procreation of what I would say is one of my favorite couples, Laurie and Andy Rhoney.

These two have made a beautiful human being, and while that is more profound than I really have words for…. let me move on to GUSH about the nursery that Laurie put together. I knew it would be a success. Laurie is a freelance Interior Designer here in Hickory,NC and her home is an impressive collection that speaks to her and Andy’s tailored eccentricity. They are both artists and their home is full of life and warmth. At her 6th month, Laurie was telling me about this idea she had to wallpaper the ceiling with a specific print, and from her description I totally could tell that this was it as soon as I stumbled upon this image. It was a great idea. I can’t believe the turnout. Its so stunning. Geez…. makes me wanna go get knocked up so I can hire Laurie to help me with my own Rhoney Nursery. Check it out!


Update: This nursery received tons of great attention from the blog community, including Urban Grace Interiors & Apartment Therapy. This exposure led to a number of newspaper article, including one from our own hometown paper, The Hickory Daily Record. See that article here.


Working for the Weekend

Stacked stone planting wall…that’s our plan for the weekend. So its more like working on the weekend.

the estate of things chooses planting wall

the estate of things chooses planting wall

the estate of things chooses planting wall

the estate of things chooses planting wall

the estate of things chooses planting wall

Most of the images above use medium stones, we chose thin Tennessee Veneer fieldstone to compliment the river rock that was applied to the columns. 

the estate of things chooses tennessee thin veneer fieldstone

We bought about 3400 lbs. that will cover roughly 100+ square feet. No I did not take measurements of the beds, I just bought a pallet and then will go back for more if needed.  I don’t anticipate the wall being completed this weekend so going back for more later is ok.

We’ll be sharing the progress report on the backyard at Bungalow 404 as soon as there is some progress. We are meeting with landscaper #1 today. We meet with Landscaper #2 on Monday.

This is where we are now, brace yourselves– this photo is super exciting.

the estate of things chooses bungalow 404 backyard

Now thats inspiring.


Dress it up

Holy Dress on the wall. I’ve not seen this done with such drama before. My experience has always been with an innocent little number hanging quietly in a corner above a tub or a vanity….. This is BOLD, and loud, begging you to kick off your shoes, jump on the couch and dance the flamenco.

The Estate of Things chooses Selina Lake

I just bumped into this Selina Lake website via


Everywhere: Convex Mirrors

They keep popping up and now I’m looking everywhere for them – on the cheap. Any ideas!?

Oh, Hi again – Miles Redd Design from House Beautiful. It seems I’m not over you yet.

The Estate of Things chooses Betsey Johnson's convex mirror

Betsey Johnson’s House

The Estate of Things chooses Convex Mirror from Rubbish

Convex Mirror spotted at RUBBISH Interiors in Silverlake, CA

The Estate of Things chooses Convex Mirrors

From a really great post on LittleGreenNotebook where she suggests you make the DIY version of that shiny shiny lamp back in the corner.

And speaking of DIY – You could arrange a little project of your own, starting with one of these Safety Mirrors on Ebay and then get creative for the frame. I broke the crap out of the mirror in my large round frame from the thrift store yesterday. Hmmm!!