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Inspiration by Tom Dixon

by Betsy Moyer on March 1, 2014, one comment

Tom Dixon copper lights

I joined the nasty stop and go traffic in the rainy streets of Hollywood this past Thursday night to attend a book tour party in a sweet little pop-up gallery for Tom Dixon. Here is the nutshell.

At the time that the commercial Italian furniture market took notice of Tom Dixon’s work, he was paid 3% on the wholesale price of every design that sold. He said that this was a pretty fair standard for Cappellini to pay its designers in the eighties. For some reference to how insane this seems to me, I just signed Jaxon Home up for a program that rewards publisher’s like The Estate of Things 4x that percentage for sales on the retail price! So, for all of you bloggers out there wishing you were designers, you might be better off joining an affiliate network or calling me up to chat about selling some sofas for Jaxon Home! ;)


After a few years designing for Capellini, the designer was hired by Habitat, the UK’s equivalent to a Crate & Barrel. Tom Dixon served as a creative director for over 10 years and was the leader behind the rejuvenation of that brand! He referred to it humbly as taking a break from design to learn the ins and outs of retail operations, production and sales. His takeaway here was that the disparity between what a magazine will make you THINK people buy versus what actually sells, have nothing to do with one another! Fascinating, and not unbelievable… but what IS it that people buy I wonder!

Tom-Dixon-scented-candlesThe thought segued nicely into his introduction to his accessories line… so that speaks volumes to me! He said 10 years ago he may have sworn he’d never do it, but recently he’s taken to the notion that smell is a part of interior design, and as a result, Tom Dixon now sells candles!

And you know – If Tom Dixon is selling candles, maybe we should be too! (We will, soon enough y’all… You’ll find a full array of fantastic soy based candles hand poured by Market Street Candles’ Haley Hekman on our site within the coming week!)

Tom-DixonLast but not least, Tom Dixon had a funny note about how much he loves branding…. and he says he means the cowboy kind too, with a hot iron – a STAMP that signifies ownership and come to stand for quality. For the longest time he sold his designs to a mass market, but it wasn’t until 2002 that he took his own name to his designs and his products are now manufactured by him with his “conveniently symmetrical” name for his logo! He says that consumers don’t always look into the vertebrae of good design, but consumers do require branding as assurance of quality! Hey, that all sounds familiar to me too!

The talk was fantastic. The entire evening was all about celebrating the release of his book. The thing about the book from what I gathered, is that it is a well penned version of the talk that I loved last night. Full of chaotic meanderings and glimpses into the genius of the designer’s mind. I snapped a pic of a favorite page and here are a few to enjoy. It was a fantastic event, and I’m sure it will leave a lasting impression on me, and it has certainly strengthened my love for his product line.





An Interior Design Formula for a Great Room

by Betsy Moyer on January 9, 2014, no comments

Y’all, I recently realized we have decoded the magic formula that makes up a well rounded room, easy to love. All of the rooms embody similar elements, all of them are accessible to you. Head on over to LA Mag for sources and further thoughts!

Betsy Moyer Los Angeles BloggersPictured above: Design by Amber Lewis, photograph by Bryce Covey for Style me Pretty Living; Design by Justina Blakeney, photography by Bret Gum for Cottages & Bungalows;Bri Emery Living Room Design by Emily Henderson, photography by Laure Joliet



Get the Look: Bilhuber’s Patio

by Sarah on July 24, 2013, no comments

Jeffrey Bilhuber designed this way cool blue/white/beige patio.

bilhuber patio

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Bilhuber’s work I recommend you run through his portfolio, prepare to be incredibly inspired and if you’re not…there’s probably not any help for you.

bilhuber patio2

In just a couple of weeks, I’ll hopefully be closing on a house with a screened porch that I plan to enjoy to the fullest. I want it to be comfy and Bilhuber’s design looks just like the setup I’d like because I always put an English roll arm sofa on my covered patio–always.

So let’s get it!

Bilhuber Inspired Screen Porch Design


You’re the Bestest

by Sarah on March 10, 2011, 2 comments

I was telling two of my co-workers (some of the few that will listen to me indulge and ramble on about design) about one of my favorite houses of 2010. Yeah I know its 2011 but these realizations take time, naturally.

In my case my favorite house has a relevant correlation to where I am living at the time. My current house would be very comfortable with it’s interiors decked out with a traditional, casual, modern mix which is some of what my favorite house embodies. And as I told my co-workers I seem to love everything that comes out of Connecticut and the Hamptons lately so you’ll understand why I chose this house as one of my favorites.

Without further a due,

Its Cosima Von Bulow Pavoncelli’s Sagaponak, Long Island vacation home that was featured in the November 2010 issue of Town & Country. It came to exist on my radar after Erika photographed the magazine and posted it on her blog.

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts photo

markham roberts entry Pavoncelli

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts living room

Markham Roberts living room Pavoncelli

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts bedroom

The home was designed by her Brown classmate Markham Roberts, who already held a firm place in my personal top ten. Now its not perfect for me in every way, but there are a lot of things that are spot on for me like the library, dining room, living room and the entry hall. I’ve decided that I need some piece of apple green upholstered furniture and a strong floral in my living room ASAP.

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts library

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts

Pavoncelli Town & Country Markham Roberts dining room

As dorky as this might be, I ordered the November issue. I’m wondering if the order will drop into a vast abyss of back issue orders?

Update 3/22/12 —  Town & Country returned my little check and I never received the issue. If you ever see it, pay the $.50 at the antique mall and send it to me!