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Trends: Macramé

Sally England has recently become an absolute highlight in my Instagram feed. Sally was once a display artist for Anthropologie. Don’t those folks always end up blossoming into such wonderful careers. She moved on from there into commissions from major brands, the likes of Ace Hotel. I recall being bowled over by some intense macrame work when Sarah and I had our Ace stay in Palm Springs a few years back.

I think the recent fascination with macrame in interior design makes perfect sense. We were already seeing these patterns play out on the moroccan rugs that everyone is digging, and it seems to me that incorporating a ton of organic texture has become a really important part of mastering the mix. Rope and hemp all knotted up in these lovely organic patterns provide a softer play on the geometric patterns that we’ve been designing with for some time.

Are you hip to this new trend of displaying woven textiles on the wall? You likey? Are you gonna reach out for your nearest dowel rod and rope bundle and start giving it the ole DIY try? You know I am!

Sally England Macrame

There are more artists that are offering great examples of this new work that you should check out, from Etsy sellers to high end artisans. I’ve gathered a few more of my fav pins that feature the trend from on this Pinterest board.

Also, if you’ll indulge me my self promotion – I also got all excited and wrote a macramé post on LA Mag!




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