Bennett Kitchen

The Bennett Kitchen is another kitchen remodel project that got its start in the Winter of 2015. The Bennett kitchen needs a lot of help! It’s a small kitchen with wooden cabinets from the 1950s or possibly earlier, a linoleum floor with a parquet pattern that has long passed it’s prime and a refrigerator that just hangs out by itself on the middle of that long wall and thats just the start. This kitchen remodel seeks to eliminate its current “college dude” look, trading up for a more sophisticated and classic aesthetic. Readers will join along for a banquette build and weigh in on lighting choices and paint colors as Sarah enlivens the space with her signature choices, informed by the home’s cottage heritage. We hope everyone agrees this renovation will bring just the right character to this Southern homestead in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

Pretty Pantry Doors


The door to the laundry room at the Bennett kitchen renovation is a newly installed pocket door. I’m thinking about painting it an accent color…

Bennett Kitchen: Sconces


Every time I start a remodel project I do an initial walk through with Chuck the electrician before rough-in. He always says (use southern…

Bennett Kitchen: Introduction


Not too long ago you were introduced to the Spring Hill kitchen, well I’m also working on another kitchen remodel project called the Bennett kitchen….