Robert Stilin has the how-to when it comes to decorating with artwork.

Recently, as I look at the blank walls of our mountain house project and as I consider the future of our newly expanded home here by the beach, I have been contemplating how to intentionally build on our art collection in a meaningful way.

Heffe and I made the decision earlier this year to use Valentine’s Day as our excuse to buy art for our life together. We started with a modest trio of black and whites. A limited print lithograph from 20×200 alongside two pieces I hand-selected while in Mexico City

I was an art history major… That education weirdly paralyzes me when out in the world “shopping” for wall decor. It is really hard for me to reconcile the difference between art and just plain old decor. One seems so fraught with meaning, materiality, historical context, and value… the other so wonderfully simply aesthetic, and thus materialistic, devoid of intent beyond color combination, easy.

What that means is that I don’t ever actually make a real art purchase because it feels like a commitment and it never feels like the right one.

It’s not to say our home isn’t filled with art objects. It certainly is. When I look around, there are legit art pieces collected back in the day, there are specific painterly projects that my family and I worked on together for our walls, and there are after-school art projects that Jeff’s kids presented to him that we had framed.

I don’t actually really deep down care if the “art” that adorns the walls comes from after school, the Christie’s Auction House, or the art aisle at Home Goods, my ultimate motto is if you love it, you should live with it!

But, when it comes to my own walls, I just have to jump that hurdle in my mind first.

What art do I LOVE and want to LIVE with?

Now that you have gone with me on that unproductive self-reflective diatribe, let’s go down the line of lovely inspirational images from a fav Designer, Robert Stilin.

He really knows how to work a room with a piece of fantastic art!

It really inspires me to want to get my act together. Look at the impact a perfectly placed piece can make!

Viewing the work of Robert Stilin enforces the notion that scale is everything.

Large art makes a deep impact in a room and while it’s all the more paralyzing to work and get right, it is ultimately the goal.

Thank you Robert Stilin for showing us how to do it right.

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