Dining With Family

When consulting with my Charlotte clients on what to do with their formal dining room, I suggested that they mount picture ledges to set the stage for an ever-changing gallery of family photos and artful mementos.¬†Although their art collection was scant, they had a lot of great images of their family and rather than scatter those throughout the house or stage a gallery up the stairs or in the hallway–which are all fine ideas, we decided that displaying those in the dining room was a solid idea. This concept is not formal but it does suit the client’s casual, family centered approach to dwelling in their house.

Put in to practice– this is what you can get,

dining room pics5


dining room pics6

Home of India Hicks,

dining room pics3

another view of same arrangement in Hicks’ home,

dining room pics7


Corso Como


dining room pics4

 Thanks for playing,


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  • I dig this idea very much! It would suit our home well since we always have art projects cycling through that look great mixed in with some of the more serious pieces that Jeff and I came packing.

    I just price checked Pottery Barn against my measurements and it looks like I’d have to drop a wad to fill up my dining room wall. I guess it’s a small price to pay for the versatility in the long run, but three rows and a corner piece adds up quick.


    Any other sources that we should look into Sarah?

  • Consider IKEA’s picture ledge and then sourcing some frames at some of the craft giants like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. I’ve found some nice frames comparable to Pottery Barn styling at IKEA prices at Hobby Lobby. Also depending on which version of this you go with, the frames can more collected with really economical vintage frames mixed in.

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