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Far and Wide Collective at Brika

Since Sarah and I are always sitting around plotting and scheming and dreaming our own future endeavors into the world of retail and ecommerce, we love to swap notes on shops that are doing interesting things.

Are you guys already familiar with BRIKA?
They have been popping up here and there in my world and I love paying attention to these new networks of artists and crafters that get together and present their wares in way that appeals to my neo-hippie sensibilities. #SHOPSMALL

BRIKA though, really caught my eye with a recent partnership with Far + Wide Collective, which supports craft production and small businesses in post-conflict and emerging economies. So, now my love for hand crafted and personalized product can extend beyond just supporting local small businesses, and now it can reach into developing communities abroad. I love shopping to support humanity!

Especially when it looks like this!

Far and Wide Collective at Brika pillows

The products are presented along with stories and insights into the craft and the crafters behind them. In a day of mass made junk and technology overload, it’s nice to settle yourself into a little story about the constellation inspired toss pillow you have your eye on – knowing it was crafted out of hand made batik in Swaziland feels special.

Here is a little more eloquent presentation of what we are looking at here:

“The founder of Far + Wide, Hedvig Alexander, has extensive experience in international development, specifically in Afghanistan, and has seen first-hand how supporting craft production and small businesses (rather than donations alone) is the most effective and sustainable way to improve quality of life.  But Hedvig also understood something many socially based businesses don’t – the end product has to be beautiful and marketable.  Far + Wide Collections’ products are that perfect intersection of modern crafts that are authentic and exceptionally made while also providing real opportunities for communities in emerging economies.”

Sounds like a win/win to me.

Shop The Far + Wide Collective at BRIKA here.

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