Trends: Patterned Tile

Have you ever demo’d any of those 80s or 90s patterned backsplashes and tiled countertops?

Patterned tile is coming on, but it’s not the ivy borders of the early 1990s. The mosaic tiles installed now are most likely imported and have a Moroccan or Mediterranean lean. Patterned tile appeared on my radar as I began gathering inspiration for a small kitchen remodel we are planning for a friend. See the beginnings of that project on the Pinterest board.

I was cruising through Domino and saw the revisit of this kitchen,

domino kitchen

marrakesh tile

Marrakesh Imports

And that pretty much got the wheels turning and I quickly found my images of this kitchen initially featured in Cottage Living and revisited by Design Sponge. The whole house tour there is a treat, I recommend checking it out. This is by far my favorite application of patterned tile as a kitchen backsplash,

Condo 353

Ann Sacks is showing off her patterned collection in ads running in our favorite home mags and then patterned tile recently showed up on my blog feed in Isuwannee’s Friday Chat. A Mosaic floor tile takes front and center on the cover of the May 2014 issue of Country Living,

country living cover

Villa Lagoon Tile

So I feel like the point is made here, clearly folks—it’s popping.

Scheerer kitchen2

bath floor

Scheerer nook

moroccan tile etsy


domino kitchen2

purple backsplash

Sikes bath

domaine kitchen

AT backsplash

all images via PinterestThanks for playing,


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  • That Cottage Living kitchen is one of my favorites of all time. I had no idea Design Sponge featured the house and can’t wait to have a look. I’ve been noticing patterned tiles as countertops too — particularly in bathrooms. We have a tiled countertop in our kitchen and while I can’t say that I love it (grout lines are no fun when it comes to cleanliness) it’s not as bad as I had imagined when we first moved in.

    • Grout lines are no bueno on countertops. Just curious if you’ve ever tried steam cleaning tile/grout lines?

  • I’m a longtime fan of the patterned tile… I especially love the idea of that purple gypsy tile – but if I was choosing one, I’d likely lean more toward the geometric or moorish designs.
    I’m excited for you and the results once you get it into your new project!

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