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Some fun things swirlin’ around in my brain.

After I put this collection of images together I realized that they represent ongoing ideas I have in my head about the directions that I want to take certain rooms in my house.

There are rooms in my house that I have on my mind that are of greater priority. My first project/room to tackle is the upstairs bathroom that my oldest daughter uses and eventually both of my daughters will use. It’s almost entirely void of any sort of character. I’m going gray with black + white art and this picture was in the wheel house.

fav zoo paper

fav malmTiny laundry areas like mine but this one clearly works harder. My drying rack sits in the dining room when in use.

fav laundryI have been doing Crossfit for about a year now, wow a year…I’ve subjected myself to that voluntarily!? After doing some reading, crossfitters agree that a little cushion and a minimal lightweight design makes the Nike Free one of a few good shoes for Crossfit. I needed some cushion for very little arch, so far so good.

fav nike

fav sclaroff kitchenCan you pick out all of the trends in this bath?

fav swan bathJuxtaposed against a nice, simple cottage bath.

fav cottage bathGenius composition. Allium was my favorite perennial for so long.

fav alliumLayer Robshaw until your heart is content.

fav robshaw layersI want to trim curtains.

fav tapeWill we ever get tired of Thomas O’Brien’s kitchen. Heck no. I’m almost 100% convinced that my kitchen needs to go in this direction.

fav o'brien kitchenThinking about my daughter DC’s room. Normally I like decor in kid’s rooms with a more defined approach instead of this skant, colorful, Swedish kind of situation. But this room I liked, maybe its the muted colors.

fav kids roomThanks for playing,


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  • Those lamps, zowie. Suddenly I’m mortified by the flush dome lamp in the kitchen and hallway. Problem: Low ceilings. I think I found a winning fixture that won’t leave people bumping their heads but also won’t look like a piece of the female anatomy.

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