Mi Favorito

In my free time I like to admire stuff like this,

white farmhouses is my #1 obsession

white farmhouse

slim army green cargo pants, I dream of finding the perfect fit

cargo pants

green & blue subway tiles

Christopher Abbott, you know Charlie from Lena Dunham’s Girls. Do you watch?

christopher abbott

ok more Christopher Abbott won’t hurt,

christopher abbott

Thinking about hanging out with Betsy at another hipster hotel in Palm Springs,


the Frieden house take 2 after a fire,

Frieden home

a powder room with a fun mirror and good wallpaper,

Lee Ann Thornton powder rm

my Malibu Barbie from 1984 in the flesh,

malibu barbie

orange settee

Jazzy store bought ice cream samiches,

ice cream pies

fancy overhangs, craftsmanship people!

tea2 entry

Beach bum art,

pop art pink bum

Meredith Heron turns a demilune into a custom bath vanity,

Meredith Heron vanity

indoor brick in kitchens,

indoor brick

classic, not a lot of fuss

classic living room

historic interiors in Charleston

charleston bathroom

Thanks for playing,


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  • Great list, Sarah. My eye loved it all: the green lamp, the white farmhouse, the orange settee in that foyer. And those bathrooms – wow. (Contemplating a remodel at the moment so I’m a bit obsessed.)

    • Bathrooms and kitchens are so much fun ok…really all the rooms in a home. You’re doing a remodel, well I want to hear more

    • Sarah,
      Can you find out what company made that gorgeous green-blue tile in that bathroom and get back to me? I want those tiles!!!
      Kathy Leong

  • Love your selections! We are planning a remodel too and the powder room you posted is exactly what I had in mind. That and a brick mudroom/laundry. Love the blog!!

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