Mi Favorito

I just can’t decide which super fun repair I want to jump to next at my house. Anyone want to talk about gutters…how about basement window wells? Not fabulous at all.

For now let’s look at some pictures of some cool s#!t.

Bunny butts yayyy!

this cube bookshelf reminded me of the one my Dad and husband built at Bungalow 404,

bed in front of windows if framed properly by window treatments…decidedly yes

so glad they are married,


so absolutely lush and amazing– I like how the boxwoods bring a sense of order to the assortment of perennials,

aaah Timothy Whealon,

great vanity design,


canopies are everywhere! I like the curtain rod trick maybe more than the actual canopy bed,


what, where would you need this? A coronation maybe

custom screen doors  are on my wish list for sure,

I often wonder if my daughters will look alike, the Mara sisters

Loving this bedroom by Steven Gambrel, I’d like to skip the pendant though


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