Closet Dreams

Closets are fodder for many daydreams, if you’re a house junkie like me then you’ll often dream about the design first and then what fills it comes in at a close second. A closet expansion and improvement is definitely part of my “one day” remodeling plan.

I thought we’d take a spin through some dreamy closet and storage images.

I especially like to look at narrow closets because I think that’s ultimately what I’ll be faced with at my house so here’s some slimline versions,

narrow closet shoe storage

color blocking the sweaters-that’s what I’m talking about! that’s not crazy

narrow dream closet

Carrie’s closet, still love that it leads in to the bathroom and that it can become an impromptu runway–you know if you needed it to be.

sexinthecity Carrie's closet

long closet via Full House

via Full House

narrow closet BHG

Better Homes and Gardens

Although this one isn’t narrow it still packs a big punch in a smaller space, like the shelves over the door frame


Ok…so let’s switch gears and dream a little bigger,

Sara Story closet NYSD

Sarah Story via New York Social Diary

way to make the most of an attic,

attic closet

keep it sparse ’cause you got all kinds of space,

Coastal Living walk in closet

Coastal Living

personally I like to pack it in more like this,

eva_jeanbart_lorenzotti_vivre closet

This one could double as a small retail space,

steven gambrel closet

Steven Gambrel

poole closet Domino


good lighting is important in every room

closet lighting

closet dressing room jonathan adler

Before its stacked and packed

closet empty

Now here’s an idea, the laundry in the closet–wonder if my husband would put his clothes away right out of the dryer? I’d change the light fixture and flooring and make sure to include a folding surface next to the machines

closet with laundry

Mudroom storage on steroids complete with conservatory style skylights? Gotta have it.

deluxe mudroom lockers closet

Some other smaller closets and storage ideas not to disappoint, the hidden closet

hidden closet this old house

This Old House

Aren’t we all big fans of the mismatch china organizing jewelry

dishes hold jewelry closet

teacup jewelry storage martha stewart
Martha Stewart

the dress up closet in the attic playroom, good use of space

Kid's closet

boot organizer martha stewart

Martha StewartÂ

a small kid’s closet working hard

kid closet organization Real Simple

Real Simple

If you’re spacially challenged the closet office can be the perfect solution

Closet Desk

Hacked IKEA wardrobes, dressed up with paint and new hardware

ikea wardrobes + new hardware

Hmmm, love me some house daydreamsThanks for playing,


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