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I’m a little down…but not out.

Last week my car was burglarized at my house in the middle of the night and the thieves stole my Nikon D80 that was in the backseat. I loved that camera and I’m not sure when it will be replaced. Crime can make you feel a little uninspired and it forces you to spend your decorating money on things like security systems and additional perimeter lighting. We were all set to have sconces installed in the living room in the beginning of May but now Chuck my electrician will spend that time and my money installing motion lights outside, boo.

I’m not going to complain any more, I just wanted you to know whats happened and that we are moving forward.

To improve my mood and maybe yours if you need it, here are some images that I’ve collected lately that may get us back on track again.

blue ceiling Martha Stewart Living

DC’s old room had a blue ceiling similar to this, who’s to say I shouldn’t do it again– only this time in the dining room or library?

Martha Stewart Living

mirror and plate arrangement

love the plate/mirror arrangement

nate berkus dining room gallery wall

Nate Berkus

mary mcdonald red living room

I want those rattan/bamboo chairs really baaadddd, Mary McDonald

bedroom Dominique Vorillon photog

Dominique Vorillon photography

Domino 2007 blue hall


katie ridder bedroom

Katie Ridder

cottage living narrow house Charleston

Cottage Living

lulu powers office Lonny

Lonny, Lulu Powers

tradhome sideboard teal

TradHome was killer!

society garlic border

society garlic border, My Home Ideas

Rock n Roll kids room

Rock n’ Roll kid’s room, Windsor Smith 

robert passal vignette

Robert Passal

Thanks for playing,


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  • I don’t even know what to say other than that really sucks OUT LOUD. Damn criminals. You can call me and complain.

  • Oh, man. I completely know the feeling: last week, our grill was stolen from out driveway. That’s $450 that we can’t get back, plus I feel personally violated, especially as I drive around the neighborhood and see all the grills out in plain sight, not locked down, that have NOT been stolen.

    So sorry about this. And the dent it’s making in your decorating budget, too!


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