Christmas “Wist”

Whether you like or not the holiday season is approaching. Usually sometime after Halloween I began to accept it and get my mind in gear.


In case you haven’t noticed a lot of bloggers have “Wist” Lists scrolling or stationary on the sidebars of their blogs, TEOT included.

TEOT Wistlist

I use the Wist List far more than Betsy does and I didn’t think she would mind so I made TEOT’s Wist List in to my own personal Christmas list. Ha!

So Dan, Mom, Grandma, whoever the lucky party is that draws my name, admirers, friends my gift wishes are moving along on the right of your screen. If some of you are just curious about what I’m wishing for have a look. To get a closer view at some of the items simply click on the image and follow the link to site.

And now a quick word from our sponsors!

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