A Spark

Sometimes when you’ve hit a wall in creating a room all it takes is a spark to jump start the process again. I had hit that wall in rethinking my daughter DC’s room (DC is 2 yrs. old).

The spark can be an object, a color, a room in a magazine. The spark for me was a Jodi Fuchs print called Collective.

Jodi Fuchs print DC's room

I think its fun to display modern or large scale art in nursery or a child’s room like in the mock up of a nursery I did for my friend Amanda. In MJ’s nursery we started with a large photograph of a baby Giraffe.

I immediately loved the Collective print after I saw it and I thought about the girl’s room that Amanda Nisbet designed.

Amanda Nisbet girl's room

There are a lot of great elements in the Nisbet room but the print is a standout to me. I’m thinking I might want to craft a room around the Fuchs print.

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