Trick or Treat

This week is insane-o, I’ve managed to whip myself and my family in to a real estate/remodeling frenzy.

Designer Doors entry door

Designer Doors

This is the door I would undoubtedly install at my house if I was staying…

Some of its good, some of it is a pain in the butt and the rest well…it just sucks. In between this frenzy is where life exists–stuff like potty training my daughter, going to her fall festival, visiting my best friend who just had a baby, polishing spray paint off of my father’s car (we left the garage door open when we painted DC’s bed), working at my “real” job and managing to sit on the sofa sometime and snuggle my husband so as not to forget why we are cohabitating.

This week I am attempting to:

  • take part in two different real estate transactions
  • keep remodel job at Midland Project moving along, I’ve got a Nov. 11th deadline!
  • supervise demo and planning for small bathroom at Cottage Project
  • having sales tour and an open house at my home, which is also for sale

So I decided in the midst of all of this, even though its not Halloween yet, I’m going to distribute some candy early. Candy of the visual and design related persuasion.

I almost always have kitchens and bathrooms on the brain. I love to look at them, design and remodel them!

Southern Living shelf over sink

Southern Living

There are times when the window isn’t over the sink in the kitchen and this shelf over the sink doesn’t leave me wanting.

amy morris bath BM graphite vanity

Amy Morris

Martha Stewart Living yellow lamp

Martha Stewart Living

Anne Miller half bath alcove

Anne Miller

Really like the alcove separating the toilet from the rest of the powder room

Elizabeth Kimberly Design living room

Elizabeth Kimberly Design

How about those wing back sofas, thats just one of many points of interest here

Elle Decor modern fire pit

Domino Ruthie Sommers pedestal table

Ruthie Sommers

Adirondack Camp Exterior Jonathan Wallen photography

Jonathan Wallen photography

I’m just really in to Hudson Valley, adirondack homes and interiors right now.

modern-classic-master-bedroom styleathome

Style at Home

Thinking that bed is pretty sexy. I want my parents to get a bed like this for their guest room. Haven’t found it yet.

elle decor dining room

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