sleepy Hannah

Hannah is such a good model.

We’re headed to the lake this weekend for some time with Dan’s family. Not sure if any design related activities will occur, I don’t think anyone in that crowd is in to it.

Some of the things I found this week,

Sometimes I come across designs that seem fresh, this is one. I’m pretty sure its those light fixtures. I’ve bookmarked this blog.

Suzy was right when she said Caitlin is the pillow master. Some can get the mix right and some just can’t. btw Suzy’s living room in Domino is the reason why I like to paint living rooms grey, my living room is Martha Stewart’s Newsprint.

Have you tried Craiglook?

If I had an extra $400 sitting around I’d buy this

There’s a designer tag sale happening in Cali this weekend, looks like you might need to go if you live in the LA area, nothing is over $200.

Hope you all have a super weekend! See you back here soon.

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