Design Shame

Sometimes I feel a bit of design shame about having a TV sitting on the dresser in my bedroom. I think it subtracts from the room and limits the possibilities of what else could be placed on the dresser that would potentially be much better looking and would add to the room’s aesthetic.

But my husband and I enjoy watching the TV in bed. In fact, we discussed getting a slightly larger TV and having it mounted on the wall above the dresser, IF the electrician can drop the wire down from the attic.

Earlier this week I discovered Paula Caravelli’s NY apartment and a smile came across my face when I saw this image.

Paula Caravelli TV in bedroom

 And then months ago I saved this from Style at Home’s site,

Conceal TV Style at Home

and this,

Conceal TV2 Style at Home

Suddenly a TV in the bedroom doesn’t seem so bad. Do you have one in your bedroom?Thanks for playing,


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  • I have a strict no tv in the bedroom policy..haha! But these images may have inspired me …

  • So funny that you posted this. Robert and I would never part with our bedroom tv, but I have been struggling since we moved in on how to accessorize around the tv without making it look ridiculous. We used to have the tv in the armoire and could just close the doors to hide it, but now have the long dresser in front of the bed.

  • We have a TV in our bedroom. For one thing, it’s nice to have a second TV in the house. My hubby is an avid video gamer, and I hated interrupting him to watch my trashy reality TV (it is my guilty pleasure). And now we have a little tradition of watching CBS Sunday Morning together in bed on Sunday mornings. It’s one of my favorite things to do each week. I don’t think we’d ever get rid of our bedroom TV.

  • Molly-I love that you watch CBS Sunday Morning w/your husband in bed, I watched it every Sunday growing up

  • I respect and admire anyone with a no TV policy in the bedroom. I am sure my husband and I would both read more if it weren’t there, but habits are hard to break. I love “Stevie the TV” as we call him.

  • too funny, i did a post today showing our new dresser, and mentioned that i don’t like our tv sitting on it! my husband and i also like to watch tv in bed. wish i could find a white one. great pics!

  • We, too, have a no TV in the bedroom policy. It is just one of those things we think doesn’t belong in there, I guess. Living in a small home makes it even easier not to do so; for us, the space could be put to much better use! Interesting images, though.

  • I had a TV in my bedroom when I was with my ex, but now that I’m single and have my own apartment, there’s no way a TV will enter my brand new turquoise bedroom :P

  • we have a tv mounted on the bedroom wall (no cable, just for watching movies on occasion) and i’m slowly incorporating it into a gallery wall like the second picture! i think that’s a great way to deal with the tv design-wise – it kinda just blends in to the other frames on the wall. this makes me want to just hang the rest of my frames up already and get the artwork later ;)

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