Music Friday: Rufus Wainwright

The Estate of Things chooses Rufus Wainwright for Music Friday

Emily turned me into a Rufus fan years ago. I was at first hesitant, despite her ardour, sometimes I quickly judge things based on irrational variables. She burned me some discs, touted his sweet voice on long car rides and plead the case until I was sold on Men Reading Fashion Magazines. Recently, I got a little surprise – a heartbreaking tune on the airwaves of my radio station as I got ready for work. New Rufus.

Its been a stand out among my acquisitions lately. I’ve only owned it three days.

This track stopped me dead in mine the other night, and perhaps it was a little silly, but it brought with it a coupla tears. Its just so beautiful, and I miss my brothers.

Rufus Wainwright – Martha from All Days are Nights from All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu
[audio: Martha.mp3]

Rufus Wainwright – Sad With What I Have from All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu
[audio: Sad With What I Have.mp3]

Lastly, just look at how dreamy this is. I wanna live here, take my morning coffee with this piano, afternoon naps and sleepless nights…. in this studio with this piano!
Zebulon – from All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu

Zebulon by Rufus Wainwright (performance) from gary nadeau on Vimeo.Thanks for playing,


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  • Betsy – do you remember Sarah and I listening to Rufus way back when you were Dickie Betts (or at least you thought you were)

  • btw…dan just said that when he was logged in as Sarah, Sarah was not talking about Sarah in the third person.

  • Yay Ami!! Hi! Thanks for stopping by. How are you!?

    Dan – I think I remember that… However that immediately made me think of Jeff Buckley – were y’all trying to make me like that too….. I’m not sure why I was resistant. At the time of Dickie Betts I recall being pretty heavily wrapped up in a personal obsession with The Cure, The Replacements, The Walkmen, French Kicks – and that brand new Norah Jones album…. and some Alkaline Trio.

    When I come play with y’all next weekend, let’s map out the time-line of our lives by the music we were obsessed with. I just flipped out over what a nostalgic accelerator it is to think quickly about the music of each era.

    Last question – was Dickie Betts the semester we lived at 808 or was it when I was in Philly?

    the end – longest comment ever.. maybe should’ve just emailed you.

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