Porch Swing

My Mom would like to revamp her porch swing and she’s been bugging me about helping her find some outdoor pillows. She wants the swing to to look more inviting with a lot of pillows and a nice long cushion. Here’s the blank slate she’s working with right now.

Wicker porch swing

This swing came with Bungalow 404 and my Mom commandeered it. It is a lovely FREE wicker swing.

Here’s the plan,

Porch Swing


My Mom already has two solid brown Sunbrella pillows and the swing.  So she’s adding more throw pillows, a bench cushion and some thick industrial hemp rope to suspend the swing instead of the chain. 

She really wants to buy off the shelf so thats why we went with the aqua thistle pillow for now.  The thistle pillow shares the green with the ceramic pots framing the entryway.


I’d recommend that she find a brown fabric that matches her existing pillows and have a long lumbar pillow made to anchor the back. She can add other accent pillows over time.  As much as I would like to pile the swing high with lots of worn linen and batik pillows, I have to be realistic and consider durability and exposure to the elements. In North Carolina even under a covered porch, this swing will experience more than one drenching in a driving thunderstorm. We had to go with easy care and durability.


Thanks for playing,


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