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I agree with Sarah’s comment from the Sunday Reading post – that the magazine world would be remiss not to engage bloggers as the same community. I’m really interested to see how the glossy medium continues to adapt to the threat of the internet. As advertising dollars continue to decrease, will these publications find new innovative ways to monetize so they can continue to carry the expense of publication and distribution?  We physically love to hold and smell and thumb through the pages of a great shelter magazine. How will we satisfy this tangible allure as we tread deeper into digital publication?

I had some conversation with Robert from Downtown about the collapse of many of our favorite magazines. He had some interesting points about why he particularly thought it was a travesty, pointing out that photography is never accurately presented on the computer screen, thus images of interiors are never presented in their true state, mis-conveying perhaps the beauty of the room’s colors. I found this to be quite interesting and valid. We discussed the Australians and Canadians and our mutual appreciation for their contributions to the racks. As a result of this conversation, he mentioned a News Stand that I should check out where I could find these publications and more.

So, before leaving West Hollywood, we stopped in at Sherwood Magazines and bantered some more with the guys running this little shop. I don’t think I caught the shop owner’s name but he was so very friendly and savvy, maybe a genius. I felt so happy for him, for jumping on an opportunity to satisfy a need that he saw in the community. Sure, there are newstands everywhere, or you can go peruse Barnes & Noble for your best bet at a great collection of magazines…. but this man is personally piecing together a collection of magazines that are specifically relevant to the art and design industries. For as long as there are magazines in print, his shop is sure to be a gem in the West Hollywood hood.

The Estate of Things chooses Shelter Magazine seller Sherwood Magazines

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