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I like the Empire house numbers available at The Gardener.  Attention Kristine,...
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  • it’s very much about materials as well!!
    I feel like if I were going to DIY it, I might consider building a shallow luan box instead of going out and buying a huge expensive pre-stretched canvas. It should turn out pretty light, and will give you a much sturdier surface to layer your paints on and get clean lines.

    Can’t wait to see this happen! Maybe I’ll give it a shot too.

  • Eh. This might be a personal preference due to ease…. but I lean toward acrylic. The clean up is simple, and I am more comfortable with it. But either option would be fine. Its a good idea to give the final product a good couple clear coats to get a nice smooth finish.

  • I love this idea! But I advise no blue tape. It will look best without the perfection. (Plus, tape causes build up at the edges of your lines, which screams stencil.) It might take longer, but I’d say start with tape guides, then remove it and do a couple passes without to add a human factor.

    Smaller versions would look great achieved with strips of raw silk ribbon (instead of paint) overlapping more or less in different areas to offer color density variations. Just a thought, albeit an expensive one.

  • Thanks Bregan! I figured the tape was an absolute but I like the idea of taping first and then layering with stripes that weren’t guided.

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