Too simple? Too scant? Pure? Just right?  What do you think?

bolig exterior

bolig deck

The ornate clock slips comfortably in among the modern furnishings.

bolig living

bolig living windows

Some great architectural features here, spacious

the estate of things chooses bolig doorway view

bolig dining

Sorry I know we’re in the middle of a open shelving revolution here but this is a little too busy and scattered for my eyes.

bolig kitchen full view

A little closer and things look a little better, do I spy a Hector lamp there on the counter. What do you think about lamps on kitchen counter, good idea?

bolig kitchen closeup2

and my favorite part besides the exterior, the bedroom

bolig bedroom

All of these images are from Bolig Magasinet

PS-reader Deborah asked about the bedding and while I wish I had the patience to translate Danish and possibly source it–I’m not going to. BUT-I will tell you that I think the offerings of an LA company called Matteo are comparable. The texture is amazing and when you see it in person you automatically want to abandon your bedding and any future bedding that you ever considered. One Kings Lane just had a fantastic sale on Matteo about a week ago and a local store, Cottage Chic sells Matteo so I can walk down there and drool.

matteo bedding

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  • Dear Sarah
    this is from a Danish Magazine, not dutch!
    and this is a very typical Danish home.

    if you need any help translating, just ask.
    all the best,
    Anne-Sophie (Denmark)

  • Anne-Sophie-
    I had “Danish” in there last night and changed it to “Dutch”. I did make the correction. What’s your favorite shelter mag in Denmark?

  • That was the same problem that I had with open shelving in my house… Loved it up close, but from the back of the room it was a mess. I need a tutorial.

  • hey there!
    theres one called “BO Bedre” thats really good!
    its been there for ages and has some really nice articles etc.
    try googling it.

    another great Danish design tip are the brands “Normann Copenhagen” and “Hay”

    but you might actually know them already?

  • find the lamp in the kitchen – it’s like finding waldo in a crowd… too much in the kitchen for me.

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