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A little birdie told me…

To continue the lighting rant I have been on… My wonderful mother...
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  • Ha. You’ve held onto that image with the rug for awhile now… I remember talking about it before.

    Do you think you’ll spring for it?

  • Susie q- The Ballard rug ranges from $179-$579 and its actually in indoor/outdoor rug that looks quite plush.I’ve had the image of the original for a looong time but I’ve seen one other rug like this in a foreign shelter mag and it was in the thousands.

  • Hey Sarah,
    this is off topic by now, but you should be able to take photos in the NY Public Library as far as I know. It is a public place, so there shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re not disturbing anyone.
    If you’re there on a Sunday, there’s a nice little flea market on the upper west side on Sundays. Have fun!

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