Design Star Episode Three

I caught the 2am showing of this episode last night. The white room challenge should be way more fun. Michael Champion channeled his own inner Kelly Wearstler and appeared with a totally RAD hairstyle at judging… I hope you saw it.

Otherwise, here’s what stuck….

Departed Jen: Sad I won’t get to gasp and gawk in awe of your expert choices anymore. / BARF

The Estate of Things chooses Design Star

Dearest Dearest Dan: You went a little fruity with your apple design. The judges went bananas over it. Congrats. You’re probably gonna win.

The Estate of Things chooses Design Star designer Dan Vickery

Nathan:  Your Orange/Capiz chandelier was impressive.

The Estate of Things chooses Design Star

Torrie: homegirl from Florida or Texas or SAFETYVILLE where ever she’s from, she really hit the ball out of the park with the judgement. I never in a million years would’ve expected that she would work outside of a traditional mcmansion cookie cutter contemporary style. And then this weird shit happened.

The Estate of Things chooses Design Star


The Estate of Thing chooses Design Star

Everyone else: eh…….

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