Fun with Moss

My Dad is absolutely obsessed with moss right now, he actually gathers it from obscure areas in the yard and relocates it to a more conspicuous place.  I’m not sure if that is weird, I think it might be or it could just be a love for gardening.  My Mom also loves Irish moss which she currently has planted in a glazed blue pot.

This DIY project was featured in Sunset magazine and it is totally do-able.  And if you have been walking by various moss varieties at your local nursery/garden center and thinking, I love that bright green color and the fuzziness of that stuff but what can I do with it–well here’s one idea.

the estate of things chooses moss gardens


1. Using terra-cotta bowls with drainage holes ― we chose 6- and 12-inch shallow ones ― as guides for circles and a metal ruler to trace stripes, cut mud flats of groundcover such as deep green Irish moss and/or golden green Scotch moss with a paring knife.

2. Fill bowls with potting soil and plant groundcover.

3. To add a circle or spiral of polished stones, arrange them on the groundcover and cut guidelines around them.

4. Remove the stones, cut out a channel between the guidelines, then replace the stones. Keep dish garden out of full sun and water once a week. Diluted plant food will help keep it green.

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