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the estate of things chooses terrain

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Urban Outfitters Inc. decided to embark on another business venture a short time ago (April 2008), it’s called Terrain at Styers. They purchased a full scale nursery in Glen Mills, PA expanding their already wildly successful family of brands like Anthropologie/Urban Outfitters/Free People.  

You might already guess that Terrain much like those retail spaces that came before it are merchandised to the hilt.  If you go, you’ll probably never feel more excited about gardening once inside. Unfortunately, I have not gone yet.  My mother and I very much enjoy gardening, sometimes we can be really obsessive about it.  We should enjoy it–my parents owned a greenhouse business for more than 20 years, my playpen was in the greenhouse and my first word was well—flower, of course. I know what you might be thinking the kid’s first word was two syllables……don’t be too impressed the genius didn’t continue.  

I’m thinking Terrain would probably be my mother’s Graceland. But I would have to warn her that after reading some reviews of the Terrain experience online, it seems avid gardeners have knocked Terrain’s claim of stocking unusual or exotic plant material.  I don’t think they will be rivaling the Monrovia empire any time soon but I also don’t think they want to– yet. Although they are showing up at big nursery and green industry tradeshows.

All that aside, there would be plenty of oohs and aahs and I know my mother and I would walk away with a ton of ideas and plenty of stock to make our own plant vignettes.

the estate of things chooses terrain

the estate of things chooses terrain

                                     the estate of things chooses terrain

                                      the estate of things chooses terrain

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