I USED to hate my Kitchen.

Yeah, I used to think I hated my Kitchen. But after the last couple of weeks tiling, refacing cabinet doors and painting, it is beginning to feel a bit more like me.

We still have a little way to go and there are tons more ideas, but I thought it would be fun to share the progress I’ve made lately.

I also have to give a shout out to my man Jim Regas, the local Hickory, NC building contractor that came out and patiently allowed me to drone on and on about subway tiles vertical vs. straight, grout black vs. grey, cabinets white versus glass front, paint brilliant white versus regular old white, beadboard on the walls versus in the cabinets…. etc. etc.

Jim was really nice to me and he understood my budget and he was really fairly priced. The labor was quick and clean and he even loved my big old puppy dog. So if you are in the Western NC area and were wondering how to get a real stand up guy to come over and do some stuff that you can’t do – he’s your man. You can contact me for his contact info.

After the dust settles I hope that we will get into the beadboard project and also the architectural details on the Doorway. I’m also looking forward to picking out some new hardware and while it feels better in there – I’ll look at those cabinets every night before turning out the light and I believe I’ll still wish they were white.

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  • Wow, you didn’t waste anytime. I think I see everything you bought yesterday. My stuff is still in the bags. Looks good. Enjoy.

  • haha. if i weren’t driving i would’ve had most of that stuff unwrapped while we were still in the car on the way home. nothing beats instant gratification.

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