Streaming on Sofas

Did you know that “NetflixandChill” is a code phrase in the online dating world? Ah, the things we miss out on being all coupled up in 2016.

But, whether you are on Tinder or not, don’t we all love a good night in with a cuddle on the couch and some marathon TV, you know for the actual purposes of devouring your latest TV thrill?

Turns out, we at TEOT have a fascination with the darker side of the drama spectrum. To lighten things up a bit, we’ve paired our juiciest marathon obsessions with an equally intriguing sofa, for a combo worthy of its own meme.

When it’s time to binge watch, we whole-heartedly endorse these streaming and sofa combos.



Making a MurdererRestoration Hardware’s Belgian Classic Slope Arm

You basically have a civic or really a human duty to watch the 10 episode documentary series on Netflix called Making a Murderer. It’s a documentary deep dive into a murder mystery the likes of our favorite podcast SERIAL. Has the justice system failed an innocent citizen? Is there a vast government conspiracy at work? Sink into the luxe depth of the Classic Slope Arm and try to keep up with the details.



FargoJoybird’s Braxton Sectional

The FX series based on the Cohen Brothers film of the same name is Billy Bob with creepy bangs, its a classic Cohen, “take no prisoners,” split-screen delight with a great soundtrack. If you like dark comedy, you may agree that this series was the best thing on TV all year. We’ll take it stretched out on the midcentury lines of the Braxton of course.



The Returned + The Willoughby

(the French version, you gotta watch the original French version available on Sundance & Amazon)
It’s a slow horror series with a look at humanity through the kind of dark lens that only the European can hold up. Encroaching waters threaten a small lakeside town, haunted with the supernatural return of formerly deceased loved ones and the leftover anguish from serial murderer. You need a deep, dark lived in velvet sofa with classic lines to envelop you and cradle you throught this rocking cerebreal horror. We think Anthropologie’s classic roll arm sofa in Forest Green will do.





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Through my Dad’s lens

My Dad is an inspiring person. He’s creative, musical, loving, sensitive, optimistic–sometimes to a fault, silly, good-hearted, strong willed and principled, always principled. I’m celebrating him today, not because it’s his birthday and obviously its not Father’s Day but because I can. Because simply…I love him.

Dad driving

My Dad took up photography for a while about the same time he took up furniture building and not long after he’d given up trying to be a drummer in a rock and roll band. He was better at furniture and drumming but his short-lived hobby with the camera left him and the rest of us good visual memories.

He photographed some of his romps around North Carolina in the mid to late 1970s and his transition in to married life with my Mom shortly before 1980 rolls around. These are some of those images that my Dad took with his Minolta in the 1970s, mostly in rural North Carolina. We converted all of these from slides in to digital format and we found some real gems. To me, this is art, maybe you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Imagine some of these enlarged.

Dad buies creek house


dad orange truck


dad tobacco field



dad friend quarry


vintage battleship



Annual Old Time Fiddler’s Convention,















I always make a top hat part of my festival wardrobe…






















fiddler mud

Let’s camp here,

fiddler mud2


shoe in tree








Blue Ridge


abandoned house

my Mom and their new puppy…Rosie

rosie puppy


rainy day





Notice the magazine on the couch,

Dad sofa

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Our Most Popular Pins

We are always so honored to see our work on your Pinterest boards. It gives us a thrill each and every time. So, we thought we’d take a little look into the most popular pins from TEOT projects that you guys have saved on Pinterest.

You can follow Sarah here and Betsy right here on Pinterest.


I love a nook, you love a nook and we all love it when you take an awkward and unused space in an old house and turn it in to something functional and cool like this cabinet in the May bath renovation.May nook

One of the things you love to pin the most is the right neutral paint colors, so we did this little roundup and you liked it, you really liked it…

Best Neutral Paint


I think you guys were in agreement with my color palette on the interior of the Indiana renovation!

indiana interior paint

Continued interest in paint color choices takes us to the exterior of the Indiana renovation. You loved the bold blue and yellow combination. Funny story here…I painted that house three times to get it right.

Indiana House Exterior The yellow front door The Estate of Things Sarah Farrell.jpg


Additionally, we pondered, “what is the perfect light grey?” This is one of life’s great mysteries and it looks like you all are trying to answer it too

Master Bedroom Paint

These shaker style kitchen cabinets are our favorite and yours too. You guys pinned this cabinet closeup from the Indiana project.

Indiana House Interior kitchen cabinet The Estate of Things Sarah Farrell.jpg


We’re always on the lookout for affordable and classic floor tile, and this floor from the May bath renovation is inspiring,

May bath tile

In my own previous house (the Connecticut house) I gave my hallway a quick spiff up with Ben Moore’s Wickham Gray paint and a new hurricane fixture from Shades of Light. Here it is.

sarah new hall light


I am not much of a DIY-er but when I shared my DIY necklace rack it looks like you’re put it on your list of things to attempt too.

DIY necklace rack


Choosing the exterior paint colors for the Grout Cottage total renovation was a success and you’re storing it away for future reference,

The Grout Cottage Exterior Paint Colors The Estate of Things


And lastly, my Mom’s “Desert Diamond” agave from Plants Delight in it’s second season is a huge hit,

desert diamond agave



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Renovation Trends: Hex Tile

tile graphic

By now you’ve probably noticed hexagonal tile appearing in bathrooms and kitchens galore, here are 7 examples of  some of our favorite hexagon tile applications.

Marble hex lives happily ever after with a modern floating vanity,

tile modern marble

I love simple shower accent walls that look good for a lifetime. This can be pulled off with some hex, a white pencil and some 4×4 tiles.

tile shower accent


The snowflake hex tile and Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue vanity made for an interesting combo in Sarah’s Grout Cottage renovation,

grout A tile

Hex with a classic border with a lime green wall sink for a twist.

tile classic green sink

We can still tile kitchen floors just maybe not in 12×12 squares if we can avoid it. This European kitchen is tiled in large hex tiles.

tile large hex kitchen

A classic bathroom clad in a greek key border and hexagonal floor tile.

tile classic bath


Small marble hexagonal tiles are great for recessed shower niches,

tile shower niche

For the bonus round and a slight change in shape, Sarah put affordable octagonal white tile paired with a light grey grout in the May bath renovation. Such a clean and timeless look!





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Here’s hoping that you’re taking a drive with your squeeze this summer weekend.

Betsy shall return soon from the UK and return to blogger town, home from rockstar town. We’ll be dropping the reveal on the Bennett kitchen renovation soon, which I’m fairly sure you’re gonna love. If you follow us on Instagram you saw a little teaser. Hasta Luego.

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Mi Favorito

Sometimes the style of spaces that I love is so varied and other times consistent. Do you often see trends in the interiors that inspire you? Do you try to identify them?

This is what I’m loving on now.

Josef Frank fabric

josef frank dining room

I like purple and indigo together in my art


I dream of putting l-shaped additions on to traditional ranches,





cocktails with St. Germaine Elderflower



I think about work spaces in the home that are both masculine and artful




anytime someone wants to mix heavy wood with white and then toss in a Serge Mouille count me in




fa3bb970dbb75f916cfadd0526c68fb0 e33aeee800b5f32ba3b56d3bbe772ca5







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White Place: A pocket neighborhood?

In the late 1800s, S.R. White platted 38 acres of what would become White Place in Bloomington, Illinois.

Why is this interesting? Well… because when we stumbled upon White Place off University Avenue I immediately thought– pocket neighborhood and I’m fascinated with pocket neighborhoods. I recently visited Bloomington IL, a moderately sized midwestern town but certainly bigger than my own southern home. A two and half hour ride from Chicago, Bloomington is home to State Farm, Illionois State University, Illinois Wesleyan and had he not been assassinated maybe Abraham Lincoln’s post-presidential home.

The downtown area of Bloomington is a renovator/house flipper’s Graceland. Prices stay low (for now), the streets are lush and green (for now) and the potential is high. The streets are lined with Queen Annes, craftsman bungalows and prairie style houses. I’m not sure why anyone would want to live anywhere else in Bloomington but in a downtown spot and White Place was undoubtedly a curious corner.

white place gate


white place2

The street in White Place is brick,

white place3

And there’s a strip of green space running down the middle and a round island in the center that has been filled with shrubs and perennials.

white place4


white place5


white place5

I imagine that the residents take care in planting the island and around the lamp posts. I’m wondering if they actually light the place at night?

white place6


white place7

There is one house for sale in White Place and although it needs work, you won’t believe the price. See what I mean?


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A Quick Paint Fix

A little cottage dining room recently required some quick updating.. Getting rid of the dated paint colors was first and foremost on the list and what resulted is just further confirmation that paint will go a long way.

Tan walls be gone,

Quick Paint Update

We used Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue to brighten up the dining room. We also replaced the existing light fixture with an easy Allen + Roth drum pendant from Lowe’s. How fresh is that?!

We also sent pouty Laney to the pool, so we don’t have to hear “Mom I don’t want to go see any more houses”

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A Black House

Around these parts, we’re into classic design choices – the kind that aren’t destined to go out of style, the timeless materials and good bones. The design elements that last.

But equally, we’re moved and inspired by trends – the bolder the better.

Here’s one that we are feeling intrigued by. Let us know what you think! Would you live in a black house?

A bolt from the blue - black houses by the estate of things

A Bolt from the Blue – featured in Lonny Mag

Barbara Bestors home in Silverlake black houses by the estate of things

I have such a crush on Barbara Bestor. I love how she pays homage to timeless design, but completely puts it on its head with her bold bohemian approach. She bought her personal home, the Bestor House,  near Elysian Park/Silverlake as a shack in a pre-gentrification era and started a revolution in her neighborhood. I love how she was inspired by a child’s drawing of a home. The simplicity and the color really make this home unique.


BlackbirdsLA – also by Barbara Bestor is a development project similar to a pocket neighborhood. It just opened up in Echo Park and the first round of homes are for sale.


You should definitely click over to the progress post by Lauren Liess, for the before/after of her home’s black paint exterior. I have yet to see something that this woman does that doesn’t make me want it. Gah, that’s an incredible transformation.

A black house exterior victorian

This classic Noe Valley, San Francisco Victorian may have gone the way of haunted house what with its gingerbread bones, but the ultra modern finishes and the simple styling (note that lone saguaro cactus)… well, it makes the cut for a bold modern finish on top of classic design. The most fun of all, is that this home was the result of collaboration between a pretty savvy young designer couple and an architect, and I found the story in the NYT to be pretty entertaining.

So, that’s it! Are you ready to paint your house black!?

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Hanging Out and Taking Pics


Sarah and I got to spend this past weekend together working on our new products and projects. It was a joyous celebration of friendship and porch chats where we shared the greatest and scariest of all our hopes and fears as life sweeps us along. It was also a deep think on the future for TEOT.

We’re excited.



We are at a time in our lives when little girls rule and getting things done is likely to take six times longer than it should for a million wonderful reasons. We wouldn’t have it any other way.




We take the moments of peace along with the mayhem of barking dogs, hungry cats and playful young’uns with needs.



And then we bust our tail ends with the satisfying feeling of energy and passion while we style and shoot and play house together as a team. I’m sure Courtney (the Bennett Kitchen homeowner) was thrilled at the whirlwind job we did, taking over her home for the hilarious banter that comes from the clash of my unbridled boho tendencies siding up along Sarah’s sense for order and symmetry.



We have more thinking yet to do on the biz side of things, but while we were working, we proved that its a blast and together, it feels like art, or magic or with the risk of sounding silly, something mystical. We styled a few different vignettes for the blog and the TEOT Shop. We’ll share those results soon, along with the final reveal of the Bennett Kitchen Renovation.

A huge shout out to our friend Amy, who met up with us in Raleigh, first at Crank Arm Brewery and then on to Mandolin where we shared an excellent dinner and some wonderful conversation. When I count my blessings, I’m always sure to include Amy on the short list, I am truly honored to be her friend. It’s a dream come true to spend time with both of these women who I cherish. They mean the world to me. It’s deep.



You can keep up with daily shenanigans on Betsy’s Instagram & Sarah’s Instagram.

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Estate Envy: Meg Draper’s Laurel Canyon Bungalow

Oh Don Draper, you disappoint me so much with your screaming infidelities. Your unwavering confidence, your glib I could give a what attitude, your constant last minute bourbon and lucky strike fueled genius slogans are starting to bore me. I wish someone else would outshine you in the board room one good time. For once, I wish the lady wouldoth protest… For once, just do what we haven’t come to expect of you. Even your weirdo 1940s depression era secret past life is a snooze.

More Megan Please!

Especially the banging little bohungalow digs she’s propped herself in up in Laurel Canyon, am I right? Don’t be surprised if you see a gigantic DIY God’s Eye in my Instagram feed soon. Thanks for the inspo Meg. Good luck in LA.

Megan Draper Home Decor Mad Men bedroom

Megan Draper Home Decor Mad Men bedside

Megan Draper Home Decor Mad Men deck

Megan Draper Home Decor Mad Men kitchen

Megan Draper Home Decor Mad Men Living Room

Images from Interior Design Magazine, see more Mad Men set design images here!

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Nathan Followill’s Home on Domaine

Back in February, Domaine featured the Nashville home of Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill’s. He and his very cute wife Jessie Baylin hired designer Benjamin Vandiver to design their newly remodeled 1970s home. I perked up for a few reasons,

A. I really like the looks of Nathan Followill

nathan followill

B. I’m interested in designer Benjamin Vandiver’s work

benjamin vandiver design


C. I’m a sucker for lifestyle photographs of rock star families

nathan followill family


Here are some of my favorite spaces from their secluded Nashville home,


followill library


followill vignette


followill stairwell


followill bocce


followill breakfast


followill dressing room


followill bath

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This or That?

The Oly Studio Serena drum chandelier is really stunning, it can elevate a room,

capiz oly dining room


capiz oly bedroom

capiz oly

Oly Studio Serena pendant

BUT, if you can’t afford the 2k price tag and you just have to have that look and sometimes you gotta have it, consider the PB Teen’s Piper pendant as the alternative,

capiz pb teen

PB Teen, Piper pendant

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