Home Sweet Home

I spent this past week in NC, through snow and record breaking freezing cold temps, just dripping with nostalgia.

It was a fantastic whirlwind of a five day jaunt. Old friends, old college homes, visits with dear old friends, my fifteen year old cat and of course Sarah! I enjoyed a MadMenesque carousel slideshow of Vintage Moyer babies with my mom, dad and bros. I squeezed in a little Home Goods shopping and some grits too!

But the main purpose was to see some river land that I’m trying to buy with the dude, in hopes that there will be more NC trips to come! Here’s a little of what it looked like from my cell phone.

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Ace Hotel Los Angeles: Commune Design

global textile pillows Ace Hotel LA

Commune, designers of numerous projects including Heath Ceramics, Ammo, Farmshop, Mattison and the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, have done it again with the exciting new opening of the Los Angeles installment of an Ace Hotel space. Sadly, the founder of Ace passed before the hotel will see it’s official opening celebration, Jan 15.

Alex Calderwood initially created the Ace Hotel in Seattle as a desirable and affordable lodging option for creatives. He grew the chain to reach into New York and Palm Springs and more recently London, and Panama CIty. Now, we have our own here in Los Angeles.

It’s hard for me to gush without feeling that I’m doing a disservice to the Alex Calderwood legacy, but please do take note of the appropriate appreciation for the pillows and organics in the rooftop dining area, part of the Commune design approach.

Some photos have been leaking, but I’m not getting the full picture. I’ll need to make it a priority to get over there and soak in a dirty martini before I really feel like I know what the space is all about. It is sure to be a much much different vibe from the cucumber face melters that Sarah and I tossed back in the blistering sun at the Ace in Palm Springs. That was my first introduction to the hotel’s trendy aesthetic. Hipster’s paradise for those of y’all that don’t know.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

I came to know Commune b/c my dear friend Frances Anderton selected the design collective as her spotlight in an accompanying story that she did about my dude and his kids playing on our 3D printer. You can catch the podcast here. And if you are into audio podcasts, she has a newer story up right now that includes interviews with the design team for Ace LA, listen here.

Sarah, come on back out here so we can check it out together. That last trip was almost four years ago.

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I tossed together some tips for how plot a conversion for your next car camping trip. Turn that expedition into a bonafide GLAMPING ADVENTURE. It’s over there at LA Magazine’s The Clutch. Check her out! It’s typical Betsy wannabe gypsy steelo.

Betsy Moyer Glamping LA Mag

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Birthday Adventure Times Train Trip

California Travel Map Betsy Moyer

I celebrated my 33rd birthday this weekend! Heffe threw a whole train tour together for us and even contacted various friends to meet up on each of our stops for drinks and dinners! I’m deeply grateful to him for making an adventure for us.

Each year, I try desperately to put my finger on how I feel about a birthday! I DO feel that it is worth celebrating, I just want to celebrate it by doing something awesome and understated – something that I’d love to do anytime of the year. I don’t want cakes and candles and parties as much as I just want a solid adventure, and to see somethin new… and be so busy playing that i FORGET I’m racking up another number.

My piece about my weekend train adventures posted on LA Mag today. Please run over and have a little look. It mostly looks like the picture below, but there are also some flowery pretty words about my affection for train traveling and my tendency to wax poetic and there is an Instagram video that I made!!


Here are a few more shots from the travels. More on my Instagramssss.

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ME rental

It’s been a while since I did a weekend post, months definitely. I’m busy doing things I don’t want to do. But I bring it on myself. This will be my fifth move in nine years. So…yeah, WE’RE MOVING.

We’re shuffling the bulk of our stuff into a POD this weekend but I’m wishing I was here.

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Oak Bluffs Gingerbread Cottages

In my extensive brain rot research concerning Victorian/Queen Anne style porches, trim, gingerbread etc. I came across the Martha’s Vineyard Camp-Meeting Association. The founders of this area in the town of Oak Bluffs, MA were Methodists and the first outdoor camp-meeting took place in 1835.

According to history, it was a happening meeting because the congregation grew large and fast.

At first people were pitching tents in the oak grove and then later bought individual plots to put their tents on.

Finally in the 1860s-1870s folks started building these little gingerbread cottages, Victorian/Queen Anne style homes packed tightly together. By the end of construction, 500 had been built.

Today 300 still stand. Check out these prime examples of the Oak Bluffs Gingerbread Cottages



Flash forward, they are coastal rentals and a tourist attraction.

BTW, pretty dreamy to look through the Martha’s Vineyard rentals on Vrbo and also on AirBnB.

gingerbread4The minimalist in you is crying out right now as you look at these images.


Hutker Architects did an overhaul of one the cottages and it is pretty freakin’ great.

gingerbread remodel




The stairwell in the house that we will hopefully move in to is very similar to the one below. Funsies!





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Break Time

beach girlIn the midst of all of this real estate action, I have a planned break at the beach.

I hope to be able to relax, I’ve been pretty tense for the last few weeks. Once my friends distract me and six children start talking at once, I’m sure I’ll have no problem but the cell phone will stay in my hand and the laptop won’t be far.

So deuces for now, I think that’s what John Jr. is saying here. Or maybe he’s saying he wants two beers from the cooler or buy 200 shares, regardless I like his style.

beach JFKjr


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I recently took a trip to Charleston with some friends.  Here are some scenes from a carriage ride through the city.

If you’re thinking about painting the exterior of your house and need some inspiration, you can probably find it in Charleston.




one of the carriage guides had a commanding afro that he clearly spent time picking and/or fluffing,

There are some amazing architectural details on these houses,



The gardens were lush of course, lots of sago palms, podocarpus and oleander. I think we are looking at the trunk of a chaste tree, which is incredibly easy to grow in the South.



This looks like two apartments with interior entries on the right and left. But what I thought was interesting was that it appeared to be a bungalow style row house.

Another creative apartment house, two side by side entries and both apartments had side porches that spanned the whole length of the building just like other single residences.


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New York, New York

We took a trip to NYC with my parents and took my 4 year old daughter DC along to see the big city, she just had a birthday on the 20th…wowsa time flies. People constantly say “they grow up so fast” and that is absolutely true but I don’t think that, that sentiment will ever cease to be annoying.

One of the first places we stopped was Dylan’s Candy Bar, owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan. We love candy as much as the rest but we made a special trip to this candy shop because DC’s name is Dylan. If you haven’t seen it, you can imagine the merchandising and Dylan’s delight that her name is everywhere. We popped in just as Ms. Lauren was showing someone around and so we asked for a photo and she kindly obliged.



DC loves super heroes, particularly Batman and Spiderman. So we took her to see Spiderman on Broadway. Here we are preparing to go in to the theater.


She loved it and days later she is still asking why the super spider selected Peter Parker. During the show, Spidey waved at her from his perch which was pretty cool for all to witness. Before Spiderman, we ate at Toloache on 50th, a Mexican place recommended by a college friend that lives in NYC. It was absolutely delicious and my husband said it was some of the best food he’d ever eaten and the mojito was tops, I highly recommend.

We had to grab a burger at the Shake Shack, the 30-minute line that wrapped around Madison Square Park was worth it.

While we were standing in line we chatted with a foodie from Philadelphia who recommended Blue Ribbon for sushi, so we ate there before riding up to the Bronx to Yankee Stadium.


DC is showing off her gummy bear loot at the game.


This is my younger brother, I was trying to convince him to do the high school girl kissy face for Facebook but he wouldn’t oblige.


I’ve been up to the observation deck in the Empire State Building before and skipped this trip and went down to Madewell and Zara in the Flatiron District instead. Here’s DC enjoying the view,


And of course we did plenty of shopping,

We stopped in to the Chelsea Housing Works and saw a few things of note,





spotted a few other items of note at ABC Carpet & Home,

Shoulda bought this, just pinned it recently for Laney’ nursery. They are really affordable, this lumbar was like $60.


oooh the reverse dip, so edgy


friends this bowl is ceramic, very sweet, the whole ceramic line was really


 And I went to the discounted Madeline Weinrib section in the basement of ABC Carpet and I was disappointed by the pillow selection so I didn’t take any pictures, apologies for being a poor sport. But…we had loads of fun and I wish I could go to Housing Works daily and brag to you all about my fantastic scores.


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February Trip to LA

I went to LA in February and now its mid-April…gee where does the time go?

Better late than never.

I went to LA because my Dad decided to live one of his dreams. Its all part of his rock n’ roll fantasy…

2012 Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp
Here he is doing his thing, it was really gratifying to watch someone fulfill their dream. I love the hell out of my Dad and on the whole I’d say he’s probably…the best Dad ever.


Lita Ford was there. Betsy said she used to tap out “Kiss Me Deadly” on the family piano at like 8 yrs old, wholesome childhood?…kidding Sandy. My Dad said Lita was doing a lot of talking on her cell about a nasty divorce, thats not very rock n’ roll.

Lita Ford at Whisky a Go Go

 We were served tiny bananas at breakfast

Watch out for this vegetarians, a daring closeup of a juicy burger topped with gruyere at Father’s Office adjacent to H.D. Buttercup

Mom and I breezed through Buttercup, but I did see this ocean landscape which reminded me of the one Jenny hung over Joanna’s bed

Betsy has not been to my current house yet so I was drawing and explaining the layout and what I will one day do to it.


While sitting at the same hotel bar we had some FaceTime with my girls and then my husband took Betsy on an iPhone tour of our house.

How to miss your kids!

Because we were staying in North Hollywood and we like to buy old stuff, naturally we would take Emily Henderson’s advice and hit the Lankershim Blvd vintage shops

So first we had lunch at The Federal Bar and wouldn’t you know– Emily Henderson herself walked in the door.

emily henderson head shot

Betsy didn’t recognize her so I had to text her because Emily sat down at the table beside us and I didn’t want to be you know…whisper-y/dorky.

And then Emily went in to the ladies room at the same time Betsy did and then Betsy came out with Emily, introductions all around. Emily was very friendly.

Then we hit all of the stores on Lankershim and saw things like this,

Antiques on Lankershim






For some reason, when Betsy and I have a photo taken of us together it doesn’t turn out that great. Oh well, all we need is the visual memory anyway.


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Greetings from NC

Just a tiny sampling of autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for my California friend Betsy.

Blue Ridge Ashe County fall



DC with pumpkins

Hi Betsy, wish you were here…



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Destination Madonna

Bregan, our friend from The Lead Chandelier, is in Southern California this week to see me. She is also going to take a night trip up this beauty (a resort near San Luis Obispo that she used to always try to get me to go to, but I never went.) It’s called the Madonna Inn and here are some pictures to prove why its such an insanely rad destination.

This is the room that Bregii is staying in.

The Estate of Things chooses The Madonna Inn

This is the room that I would like to stay in.

The Estate of Things chooses The Madonna Inn

And here are some mo’ photos to help you daydream something else to do on this chilly summer day. (Its freaking 63 degrees here in Santa Monica and I’ve never missed summer more.)

The Estate of Things chooses The Madonna Inn

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100% Fun

I loved Matthew Sweet in 1995, hence the title of this post.

We had loads of fun this weekend visiting Murrell’s Inlet and Georgetown, SC. There was something for everyone. My friend Amanda and I talked non-stop about decorating her new place. Amanda scored an amazing lamp at Goodwill for $9. Hopefully she’ll give us some before and afters on the revamp.

Over the weekend,

Picture 051

Picture 087

Picture 081

We confirmed that swinging is a lot of fun.

Downtown Georgetown SC

We discovered that downtown Georgetown SC is very charming

Georgetown SC

Front Street Georgetown SC

we liked to dream of setting up shop on Front Street

Front St. Georgetown SC

And we found some reasonably priced antiques on Highway 17, will Amanda find her farmhouse dining table there? I hope so, otherwise her couch is in serious trouble

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Hipster Weekend @ The Ace Hotel

Dan and I stayed at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs during our little CA vacation. In case you were curious, here’s what our digs looked like.

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

a standard room at the Ace, yes that is a denim headboard complete w/magazine pockets


Ace Hotel Palm Springs

everything is for sale in the room

 Ace Hotel Palm Springs  Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Ace Hotel gate


main entrance

Ace Hotel lobby entrance

walkways through the hotel grounds

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

sitting areas complete with fireplace can be reserved

Ace Hotel outdoor fireplace

bikes for rent, they are free for hotel guests

Ace Hotel bikes for rent

Ace Hotel Palm Springs arbor

and the spot that everyone loves, the pool

Ace Hotel Palm Springs pool

On the weekends lots of folks drive out from LA to lounge at the Ace pool.  Fashion trends observed at the pool–wayfarer & aviator sunglasses, fedoras, tattoos and bohemian bathing suit cover ups.Your ensemble will not be complete without one or all of these elements.

The Unhappy Hipsters would likely have fun with the happenings at the Ace.

Over the weekend Betsy and our friend Joel came out to Palm Springs to visit and hang out. We discussed poignant topics like–if a committee were formed to deliberate on who your spouse should be, who would be on your committee. This is important stuff. We drank poolside cocktails called Desert Facials, I like my cocktails organic and with muddled vegetables.

I had forgotten how much fun lounging by the pool can be.

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The Estate of Things chooses Ace Hotel Palm Springs

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