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Renting in LA

Ep. 5: LA Apartment Hunting

Okay, hopefully those last few posts got all the irrational options expunged. And since its time to get serious, this post is going to be about compromise. First I’ll start with the Wish List.

  • Dogs Allowed
  • Hard Wood Floor
  • True 1 Bedroom (distinct private sleeping area)
  • Full Kitchen with some aesthetic appeal (hopefully white cabinets)
  • Character / Charm
  • Close to Work
  • Will re-consider proximity if the dog has an outdoor area that he can access without me!

The first time I moved to Los Angeles I was 24. My friend Joel lived there in a Studio Apartment in KoreaTown. He was working his way into the Television Industry. He allowed me and another girl friend to come live with him temporarily in the Studio. The 3 of us shared that tiny space for almost two months. It was pretty awesome (probably more in retrospect than in reality) Joel’s rent was like, $600/mo. So the moral of this story is that compromise can be fun, but more importantly its that KoreaTown is a really affordable place to live. Not only is it affordable, but its stacked with awesome Art Deco apartment buildings.

Here’s what you could get for the Money

The Historic Chateau Duval
Check out the soaring ceilings and dark wood floors in this place. The kitchen is also pretty rad with its Stainless Steel appliances. I love the 1920’s. The description says that the Dining Area includes a concrete wall, so clearly we are banging on charm and character here.

This place meets everything on the list, except for being close to work or having access to the outdoors for my monster dog. and again, we’re looking at a hefty drive during rush hour.

The search continues, I guess!


Ep. 4: LA Apartment Hunting

Okay. Hopefully this will be my last post with examples of what I CAN’T have. I’ve stumbled upon a couple more properties for rent that would be GREAT places to make into a home but are really only good for a bout with depression. I’m just throwing them up on TEOT so you can enjoy the little mini real estate fantasy.

Topanga Canyon Guest House
The fantastic elements here are pretty obvious in the pictures. But I have to admit, I also ReALLY enjoy the thought of being settled up in the mountains near the State Park, where there are views and trails and you are out of the bustle of the LA madness. The problem with this though – is that even though its located no more than 12 miles from my work – it’ll take about an hour or more to make that commute daily due to the traffic on the PCH. Imagine your Sunday mornings though, with this fireplace and that deck!
This is literally a dream as far as the home goes.
$1500/month and Pollock is Welcome there!

Santa Monica Cottage
This is a One Bedroom apartment that includes access to a 300 square foot finished attic (which seems like an opportunity for a second bedroom to me). If I had a roomate this would be a legitimate option, with rent coming in at $1695/month. However, it doesn’t say if Pollock is allowed or not. Look how stinking cute it is though with its Rose Bushes climbing the picket fence.

Final Fantasy – Venice Canals
This isn’t even remotely realistic cause the rent is almost $3000/mo., but I accidentally sat there with it open on my computer and envisioned morning coffee overlooking the canal – just for a hot second. Of course, the neighbors are probably a little bourge. But I’m a sucker for the idea of a fireplace like that. (sans carpet while we’re fantasizing!!)

The search continues! haha.


Episode 2 of LA Apartment Rental search

Joel went to check out an apartment for me over the weekend.

Its a Studio Loft / Guest House located behind a home on a Walk Street – about a block from the beach in Venice. I had some email correspondence with the HomeOwner about my 125 pound dog that really wants to live in California with me. The homeowner said that the dog would be welcome, but he probably would find the space to be a bit small at less than 400 square feet.

Here’s some pics.

It has character, the location is great (less than 2 miles from my new workplace – imagine biking to work on the beach). At $1250 per month I had high hopes for this being my future home. Living in a guest house is an ideal situation, especially with the dog. Most apartment buildings appear to be anti large breed.

Unfortunately, Joel reported back that the space was teeny tiny, that the living room may not be large enough to accommodate a full size couch, there is no parking, and that I would have to trade my baths for showers.

The search continues!


Apartment Hunting in Los Angeles

I don’t guess I told you yet, but I’m moving back to LA. I got a killer job and things are moving along quickly.

Sarah suggested maybe I share some of my apartment shopping adventures. This could possibly turn into a 2 month long series of posts, b/c it is HARD….. Super hard. But we’re gonna kick off the series with a little humor. This is a legit post that I found on Craigslist. A $1500/mo. Venice Beach Cottage Rental.

Only in Los Angeles would you get this kind of production for a Craigslist Ad.