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Renting in LA

Dining Table Project Ensues

Kate and I have been talking a lot about what to do with the dining table and 4 chairs that her mother gifted her. The apartment is close to 100% empty and so we really don’t need to prioritize replacing it with the desired tulip & wingback combo (or whatever might be more desirable.) Looks like we have another project on our hands. I do love spray paint.

The Estate of Things chooses Dining Table refurbish

I was initially inspired by the upholstery on this chair at Downtown but I got over it when Sarah told me that she was not a fan of this chair.

The Estate of Things chooses green crocodile on chair at

So, we hit up some fabric stores today to see what we could find. The trip to Sew L.A. (in Silverlake) was a beautiful one. Sew L.A. is a fantastic resource for fabric made familiar by your favorite Etsy sellers.

The Estate of Things chooses Sew L.A.

I was hoping for a Chiang Mai, and thinking we could make a quick impact without too much effort. I probably wouldn’t normally have thought to go this route without the prod from Jamie’s recent addition to Furbish Studio, seen on

The Estate of Things chooses Chian Mai The Estate of Things chooses ROWDY from isuwannee furbish studio
(thanks Apartment #412 and Rowdy from Furbish Studio for the images)

After a quick stop in the coffee shop across from Sew L.A. I saw the green crocodile upholstery on the chairs there, and I couldn’t get it outta my mind, so the kitschy cute styles at Sew L.A. were no longer an option. In my single sightedness, we hit Sunset blvd toward downtown on the quest for croc.

The garment district was pretty awesome, starting first with Michael Levine Inc. After a few snaps with the camera, I was asked not to take pictures inside. (my apologies that I can’t visually share with you the awesomeness. You’ll have to come visit.) They had all of the novelty fabrics that Sew L.A. had and soo much more. (but not the right crocodile or chiang mai). All in all – a great day – though I came home overwhelmed and empty handed. Let me know if you have any ideas that I should be considering for a table make-over.

The Estate of Things chooses Michael Levine Inc Fabrics

Not the right crocodile, but getting there.

The Estate of Things chooses crocodile

Kate doesn’t know what Toile is. We’ll help her.

The Estate of Things helps Kate


Rental Woes

Hi Friends.
Today I have a question for you. (Specifically you Sarah! What do you think?)

When you are a renter and you would like to make updates to your home to make it more enjoyable, and you know that you’re ideas are in good taste and will more likely improve the quality of the home – is it better to ask for permission – or forgiveness!? I’m thinking about my new and tiny kitchen.

This is what I’m working with. (thanks iPhone cam)

Sarah added the image below to her Tiny post, about small kitchens. It gave me a bit of vision for the kitchen in my LA rental. Obviously, I cannot replace tile or reconfigure the appliances (as much as Kate would love to be able to). But, I believe I can replace hardware and paint the ceiling. Also, there is a lot of wall space over the sink that needs to be treated with some special attention. Should I be thinking metallic?? What kind of light fixture needs to hang over my sink? I can get those real tall cabinet pulls from Ikea for a price that I like, and I know a boy that might be down for painting the cabs a nice GLOSSY clean white….


Season 2 ep2: LA Apartment Hunt

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself why the H you haven’t seen pictures of my new apartment yet? (If you’re Sarah). The new answer to that question is because I’m not staying there. I’m breaking the lease that I just signed. After the joking about Season Two of the LA Apartment hunt… haha…. we are actually going to have a Season Two of the LA Apartment hunt. This time our Renter (me) is zeroing in on a 2br in Santa Monica with a friend name Kate.

After cruising the blog – My Favorite and My Best for a bit AND upon fleshing out the details of breaking my lease with the Property Management company, I emailed Kate to say:

This is what I think we may be after in the new digs… (We’ll add a certain amount of pop of color in the furniture and whatnots..)

The Estate of Things chooses My Favorite and My Best The Estate of Things chooses My Favorite and My Best

How do you feel about black & white striped rugs with grey walls and white trim…. ?
2 matching wingbacks and a big ole floating couch will make my heart zing… and chances are something antique and painted will scream I’m YELLOW…. or GREEN or PINK or whatever will scream the loudest… TBD….

So, it looks like it may be a Farewell to the apartment in Culver City by Feb 1. It’s a charming little apartment and I’ve loved the Jacuzzi baths that I’ve had there. However, I was a little out of touch with expectations of the new lifestyle and when Kate said that she was ready to get out of her place, it occurred to us that we could both save a ton of money, gas and time on the road if we did this.

Neither Kate nor I have furniture. We both want Hardwood Floors… so we’re thinking that our House Warming Party will have a Roller Skating theme. All details will unravel here as I continue the effort to make LA my home.


Ep. 7 LA Apartment Hunt – a heart pour

I’m sure you’re all at the edge of your seat wondering about my apartment hunt. My apologies for my spotty at best posting. There is news. I found one. The only reason I haven’t shared that with you, is because I was trying desperately to hold out for pictures I take myself of the charming elements of the chosen home. Here is a sneak peak – the image that prompted me to visit the place. (They had crap images on the ad).

The Estate of Things chooses LA Apartment Hunt

I had mentioned before that the search was a practice in compromise. And so, in some ways this place isn’t my dream. However, I’m happy with my decision and very much looking forward to moving into my own spot and decorating the shit out of it. (I tried to get keys to the door this weekend, but sometimes bureaucracy slows things down a bit.) Details to come, believe me!!

On a personal note, my life has been moving at an alarming pace. Many fantastic things are happening and I’m trying to swallow it all, meanwhile I keep fighting the bitter aftertaste of the compromises I’ve made to get out here.

In the thick of college when Sarah and I were fully used to being in each other’s face 24/7, several of our close group of friends split up for a WHOLE summer. I was off to New Hampshire to teach art at a sleep-away camp, Joel was off to a fancy internship in Pittsburgh, Parker and Dan were going away to romp around Spain. Sarah was amazed at my ability to say goodbye so casually.

I learned something from her in that experience. Mostly that I suck at dealing with emotions rationally, or in the context of a present moment. I don’t know at the flash of goodbye how relationships will be affected, or what it will be like to miss people. I continue to learn from her that we love each other and are affected deeply by our friendship. I’m so glad that we have this blog together. She’s always supported me despite my fancies – no matter where I’ve run to or for what reason!

Thanks for bearing with me as I turned this Interior Design Blog post into a vomitous emo narrative – with topics that have certainly tread away from the LA Apartment Hunt. I have been asking a lot from a lot of people lately. So, I want this post to be a celebration. Not only that I’ve found an apartment finally! But also a thankful celebration for the tons of support I am receiving as I flip my reality upside down to take strides towards a full life!

My new job is with KCRW, Southern California’s leading NPR affiliate. Its so much more than just a radio station. (a quick FYI – I also write for a music blog, The AudioMuffin, which coupled with the success of TEOT helped me to land this new gig.) I’ve acquired this job with the radio station as an Interactive Producer. I am providing Music content for the site, as well as acting as a Social Networking host. Another big part of the job is supporting the DJs, Producers and PR teams as we transition their slew of blogs onto the WordPress platform.  I’ve been at the station learning and doing my best to keep afloat and kick some ass. It’s fun and exciting and challenging to be the new girl. I have a lot to learn before I’m fully emersed in my new duties. But, I did just want to take a moment to explain where I’m at and why I’m here, and to give thanks for the friends that helped get me here!



Ep. 6: LA Apartment Hunting

The heartbreak of the move happened. Pollock stayed behind. I guess then that really makes this Episode of the LA Apt Hunt the saddest. The bottom line is… even if I could afford to pay $1500+/month for an apartment I’m just not sure that my new lifestyle is going to work for such a huge man dog. That changes my list a little bit, so now if I HAVE to get a place that isn’t 125 lb dog friendly, then so be it.

Culver City/Mar Vista Studio $1050/mo.
This is a 450 sq. foot studio lined with windows. It also has this weird cutout into the kitchen, and what’s up with that tiny fridge? Actually the more I look at these pics… I don’t really like it. so nevermind.

I’m too sad to look at Pollock-less homes.