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Renting in LA

Photoshop Decorating: Living Room West Wall

I don’t have much to say other than this isn’t a finished plan, its just me exploring ideas. I’m missing some bookshelves and some money to make it a reality. But…….. its really fun to Photoshop decorate, so I’m sharing my amateur hour product again.

White turned pedestal table from
Wingback Chair & Pillows from the Fabricadabra site
Dining Room pendant from DIY Light Stringy Thingy
Artwork by Patti Fennick (local Hickory, NC artist)



This is my vintage Remington portable typewriter after passing through some filters in Photoshop. Its not only good for looking pretty! It also invites impromptu lines from us and our visitors, banging on its keys is quite fun. It sits on the Jimmy (our buffet/console thing that we found on the side of the street). I love to stop by it occasionally to see what lines our friends have added to the most recent piece of paper! Regardless of who participates, it usually reads back like poetry. Its a great aspect of our apartment that is turning into our home.

The Estate of Things chooses vintage typewriter


Stodgy Lighting Goes Lightly

I think its an excellent idea. I did it in my last home – a shiny glossy black over my dining room table, and I think I will more than likely do it to some scale in this new LA rental………

Talking about replacing light fixtures with spray painted brass chandeliers from the thrift store. An easy find, and a good idea for renters, especially if you don’t break your landlord’s piece that you are gonna stash. It is a great way to replace some lacking style with your own cheap trick for the temporary.

I’ve created this AWESOME photoshop sketch to map some ideas for my new tiny kitchen.

The Estate of Things chooses Rental Kitchen update

As I plan a rental version of an update, I am wondering if a kinda tiny interesting chandelier is what needs to hang above the sink??? I like the idea of the ornate fixture being in a less expected location – rather than the trad placement over the dining table. Can you envision it here?

Eh.. I’m not totally sold…. just thinking of options…. Meanwhile, take a look at this great collection of spray painted chandies. (an image that i grabbed directly from Apartment Therapy). Yay!!

The Estate of Things chooses spray painted chandeliers from Apartment Therapy



I left three couches behind in North Carolina. I love all three of them. I equate my love for couches with my love for jeans. Its not so much that I go out and by the most expensive brands, I just like jeans and I want lots of them and I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of them. They are the staple of many a loved outfit for me.

So, the next phase of the LA Apartment Hunt indicates the dawning of new era! A NEW COUCH, the staple of building a room! I’m excited. Aren’t you? Since hauling my new three piece Ikea Karlstad sectional up the stairs to The Treehouse (that’s what we call the apartment), the place has felt a million times better. Its also helped to shape up some ideas for what to do with the common areas and I’m really excited about that too. Plus, Kate likes it.

This is what I haggled over in the As-Is section of the Carson Ikea until I walked away with it for $399. No joke!

The Estate of Things chooses Ikea Karlstad

With the low price tag for the size, I decided that I wouldn’t mind dropping extra cash down the road on a new cover for this sofa. They have a nice dark gray as well as an interesting natural linen that I could maybe choose.

I spent some time perusing the Ikea couch cover opions over at Bemz tonight….. and now I’m feeling like I wouldn’t mind going nuts with the options for my new huge L shaped sofa.  But now I need my mom to start pricing out shipping on the older Ikea sofa that I’ve been hanging onto since my days living in Philadelphia. The Allerum… I really wanna make this couch sing out on my big patio with the right fabric choice (what do you think? Marimekko?)! $250 isn’t bad.

The Estate of Things chooses Ikeas Allerum sofaThe Estate of Things chooses Marimekko to cover Ikea sofa


Grey Ceiling Spanish Bungie in West LA

My friend Joel has a beautiful doll of a girl roommate named Aubrey and she is a genius. They rent a Spanish bungalow in West L.A. (total score… full on 3br 2ba house, exposed beams, an amazing backyard and studio out back. I’m gonna show you pics!)

Aubrey is a genius because she has a really fun ceiling, and she painted the room grey with a complimentary dark grey above and I love it. Don’t you!?

The Estate of Things chooses Grey ceiling

Here’s some more pics of the home, so you can salivate a bit. It’s affordable too. Affordable like less than $1000 per month per person.

I love the art deco tile that you run into in LA homes.

Sunbeam & Beams!!

Nice chairs. (Sarah must be wondering, but they are not Joel’s. They are the previous tenants)

What’s up trellis?