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Estate Envy

Obsess Much?

My obsession with white farmhouses is approaching fever pitch. Geeeez, I live in the rural South you think one would come my way.

In all honesty–its really me and my impatience typing. I did tour Joel’s Crossing which was an incredibly unique–farmhouse.

In order to get some of this out of my system I’m posting a farmhouse roundup. Please tell me– which is your favorite?

Let’s start off with a real whopper,

farm barnesvanze2

I really like the idea of a sprawling farmhouse with additions and angles and I think my girls would like to push a wagon around this yard any day,farm girls

This is all crazy good, the amount of detail here is pretty incredible,

farm gothic

This is the way cool and very open kitchen in Emerson Fry’s farmhouse

farm emerson

This is the “floating farmhouse”, the porch is cantilevered over the creek. Ridiculous!

farm floating

This modern farmhouse has a covered walkway that leads to a barn or guest quarters,

farm barnesvanze

my farmhouse bath will look very similar to this sans rustic bench,

farm bath

more modern farmhouse with a dark metal roof, I like the exposed rafter tails and the simplicity of it all

farm modern

farm goes a little formal with the boxwood garden,

farm locke

farm murray

Delicious remodel of a farmhouse kitchen, that sink is killer

farm sink

farm hendel

farm lake

farm mcroberts

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Here at TEOT we believe in the mix, but there are a few signature styles that we lean on to achieve that #teotathome look. This includes our affinity for all things Farmhouse Modern. We love a good global textile tossed on a worn rustic American primitive bench, or a dose of batik tossed casually against the clapboard wall in your attic nook. Shop these items below, we’re positive that they will play nicely with your Farmhouse layers.


Estate Envy: W.C. Fields House

I am envious of the person who buys this W.C. Fields House and restores it. When I saw this house on the North Carolina Preservation Society’s website, I gulped and my heart rate increased.

wc field house exterior

This house has AMAZING potential, can’t you see it? The great photographs don’t hurt either. The photography is credited to David Stremel of the Capital City Camera Club.

This house is situated in eastern North Carolina in a town called Kinston. A little fun fact the actress Jaime Pressly of Joe Dirt and My Name is Earl fame is from Kinston.

This darling could be yours for $40,000. If you buy it and restore it please email me or please create a blog about your restoration so I can follow along and drool. Better yet-can I consult on the renovation?

Despite the fact that this house was constructed in 1919 it has 3 bathrooms, pretty surprising. There are also several walk in closets.

WC Fields House side exterior

wc fields house exterior detail

wc fields carport

wc fields living area

wc fields sunroom

wc fields fireplace

wc fields bedroom

wc fields upstairs hall

wc fields bath

W.C. Fields House first floor plan

W.C. Fields House second floor plan


Estate Envy: Ruffalo Home Sold

Remember the home of actors Sunrise and Mark Ruffalo that was featured in a 2009 issue of Domino. No…ok…quick refresher

Ruffalo living room Domino

Ruffalo entry Domino

Ruffalo dining Domino

Ruffalo sunroom Domino

Ruffalo vignette Domino

sunshine ruffalo kids room

Domino bedroom-Ruffalo

Ruffalo vanity Domino

Ruffalo bedroom Domino

OK, so most of us died over the Ruffalo bedroom I think, I know I did. There were other areas of the home that served as inspiration for me…the kid’s room and the picture ledge shelving with the ever changing art display (perfect for those who can’t commit and/or afford art).

The Ruffalo home sold last year for less than $1.6 mil, which I would consider to be pretty darn affordable in the Hollywood Hills. Ruffalo’s actually made $0 on the house provided that they didn’t make any improvements.

I was intrigued by how different the property looked fairly empty and not pictured through a photographer’s lense.Despite the fact that the house is not styled and tricked out by design team Nickey Kehoe, it still looks pretty charming.  All those french doors let in a lot of California sunshine. Here are the pictures from the property listing.

Ruffalo patio

Ruffalo living room

Ruffalo dining room

Ruffalo sunroom

Ruffalo master bedroom2

Ruffalo master bedroom

Ruffalo bath

Ruffalo kitchen

Ruffalo bedroom

Ruffalo bedroom

Ruffalo kid's bedroom



Estate Envy: LA Flips!

I love Mt. Washington, Silverlake, Eagle Rock, Los Feliz – The East Side. It’s the hills and the views and the hipsters! But mostly its the fantastic results when playing Know Your Neighborhood. Craftsman Bungalow heaven.

Here’s a success story. Dude bought this house on Mt. Washington for $195,000 (and UNHEARD of amount for home purchase until the fall out of the Real Estate industry). Like a genius, he’s turned it (and others) into a more expected sale price inching closer to $500,000. But look at what you get for that!!

Learn more about the listings here on Curbed LA

Note excellent use of Scientific posters scattered throughout as well! :)


Estate Envy: Swedish Seaside

One can’t help but love this Swedish cottage retreat. There’s so much to love inside and out. This property is for sale here. There is so much inspiration here. Refreshing after I’ve been looking at a million second story bedrooms lately with these odd slanted ceilings.

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage entrance

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage exterior

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage foyer

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage hallway

Crazy for built-ins especially around a cased opening

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage library

Love the natural pine floors that seem to pop up in a lot of Swedish homes, I also see it commonly used on the ceilings in bathrooms unpainted.

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage kitchen

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage stairwell

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage kids room

balcony off master bedroom

the estate of things chooses swedish master bedroom balcony

the estate of things chooses swedish cottage outdoor living area