Shop TEOT: Vintage Eero Aarnio Wicker Stools

Eero Aarnio stools

Vintage Eero Aarnio Wicker Stools

It was hard to let these babies go once I got my hands on them. They are superb foot rests not to mention way cool with their hourglass shape. They provoke a sort of what would Tom Scheerer do? type of moment upon first glance, at least that’s what they did for me.

And here’s why,


Wouldn’t our stools look right at home in a place like this?

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Shop TEOT: Vintage Navy Ceramic Lamp

Did you love almost everything as I did about Eliza Dyson’s CA home in House Beautiful’s December/January issue? If you haven’t seen it I recommend clicking the link to soak it in for a little or a long time.

Dyson’s bedroom is just one of the many places that I’ve spotted a classic navy blue ceramic lamp. We love the color of our vintage navy table lamp, so versatile, shiny and navy….sweet navy.


vintage navy lamp

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SHOP TEOT Winter Sale 15% Off

Dear TEOT Readers and SHOP TEOT Lovers,

How did you make out this Christmas!? Maybe you all have very attentive and astute gift givers as significant others, friends or family, which is seriously lucky!

For those of you who missed the boat, or didn’t get exactly what you wanted and have got Christmas money in the pocket burning a hole, now is the time.

We’re offering 15% off the whole SHOP TEOT INVENTORY. And, yes that includes the vintage settee that everyone loves so much.

Dig into the SHOP TEOT WINTER SALE now through Jan 3 with coupon code BAGIT.



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African Textiles in Your House

teot pillows

Mud Cloth & Indigo take stage

Are you hip to this must have home decor trend?

You may have noticed the bright blues of indigo and the tribal patterns of black and white mud cloth sneaking into all of your most recent fav home tours. These patterns are doing heavy duty in the Bohemian Home Decor scene right now.

We believe these african textiles are equally at home when at play in the modern farmhouse, early twentieth century cottage and even in your classic east coast traditional. So if you aren’t living in the land of Sunny Southern California with washed out white walls, don’t let it stop you from getting the look in your space!

Our vintage African textiles and pillows add a layer of global boho appeal and classic indigo in any atmosphere. They are soft, faded and familiar like you’ve had them for ages, bringing a depth to your room.

Not sure how to incorporate it in to your home, let us illustrate!


amber interiors blue stripe pillow

Mix our Dreamboat Annie pillow, a soft, indigo and denim blue stripe in with a vibrant kilim, like Amber of Amber Interior Design.

TEOT dreamboat annie stripe pillow


coastal living indigo pillowsvia Coastal Living

Our Mendel pillow is a variation of the accent pillows like these, perfectly at home in a coastal setting with traditional shiplap walls.

TEOT Mendel pillow


african indigo pillows sofa


Layer the indigo on as shown above with TEOT’s versatile solid indigo pillow,

TEOT solid indigo pillow

and while you’re mixing & layering, you’ve got to include everyone’s fave, one of our indigo throws.

TEOT solid indigo throw


furbish suzani & african throwvia I Suwannee

Proof of the mix, African indigo gets draped on the headboard for a quick style change & we agree with Jamie, it combines nicely with shibori and a suzani.

TEOT African throw

white mud cloth bed

Such a fantastic look and simple accent, white mudcloth lumbars on the bed.

TEOT white mudcloth pillow




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COMING SOON: A little Shop teaser


We’ve got a few new items to add to the TEOT ETSY Shop, coming soon. Consider that image above a sneak peek. <3

Until then, shop the items that we can’t quite believe haven’t sold yet…

(well, except that shipping is super expensive and so every time someone buys this vintage rattan bench we quote the price to ship and everyone dies of sticker shock so we have to refund.)


Does anyone know of a great shipping secret? We were BLESSED with an incredibly insightful and helpful email from our Instagram pal, Leah of @ScoopsVintageModern. Her ETSY SHOP is the stuff of dreams. She has incredible tastes! But she is with us in the struggle for how to deal with major fees associated with transit of large items.

Sarah uploaded some wonderfully aged wooden carving boards that would look killer in any kitchen. I love how they warm up the Bennett Kitchen’s white tile and countertop in this detail shot.

Sarah Cutting Boards the estate of things

I don’t mean to brag, but hot dang this tie-dye rug is SOOOO freaking cool. It’s perfectly okay with me that it is still in my home because I adore looking at it every single day, but I thought for sure a million would sell and I’d have the pleasure of helping to design each and every one of them with my homeboy Kevin, over at Brother’s Dye House. It’s like walking on water.

does the carpet match the drapes(Consider those matching curtains a sneak peek too, they’ll be up on the shop just as soon as I can get a new curtain rod situation happening for their closeup.)

The pillows are slim pickings at the moment, but don’t worry, we’ll re-up soon.

Thanks for having a look! Let us know what you think.

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Checking in on Pillow Progress


Hi friends.

Sarah and I got together recently and styled up a new collection of pillows that we pulled together from vintage indigo textiles and mud cloths from Mali.

Our launch was a mere two weeks ago, and already the huge stacks of product that I traveled to North Carolina with has dwindled. Now we are scrambling to get more pulled together, and fast!

I’m so excited by our progress with the pillow sales, I can’t wait to branch out into more product ideas that we are cooking up.

For now though, have a little look at what’s left, it’s slim pickings in terms of quantities, but we do have just a few more options in each design left for sale. Click the image to shop.


Vintage Hmong Indigo Batik


20x20 Vintage African Lotty Dotty with Neon 2

Vintage Indigo from Mali, West Africa with pops of NEON



Indigo from Mali, West Africa



Hand Dyed Black Mud Cloth from Mali, West Africa



Hand Dyed White Mud Cloth from Mali, West Africa

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TEOT Launches Custom Pillow Collection

We’ve sourced, sewn and styled a whole prolifery of pillows from on-trend vintage global textiles and one by one we’re uploading them to our TEOT SHOP. We are selling them.

What do you think?

We like to call this little girl in the middle Lotty Dotty.



She likes to party.

We have a thing for blue you know. It’s really apparent in all of this wonderful vintage indigo fabric that we scored at the Santa Monica Antiques Market. It’s from Africa, and most of it is from Mali specifically.


If I had to choose my favorite combo, I think I’d lean this way, below.

In fact, I’d be happy if this scene were replicated exactly in my own home. I’ll do my best to recreate it, it’s going to be hard without that rattan bench in my life.


I would take a little dose of Sarah styling all of my accessories too.

I’ll tell you why we are doing this! It’s proof of concept. If we can get some product moving online, we can get a brick and mortar storefront in Southern Pines, NC.

You see that simple correlation too, right?!?


JK JK JK. I know, it’s gonna take more than a few pillows to get the store moving. We’re working on it. We have to crawl before we walk.

One thing I learned is that styling these few vignettes with Sarah, and shooting them – well it was just about the most fun that I’ve had “working” in a really long time. It made me feel like this is EXACTLY what I want to be doing. I only regret that there are 3000 miles between Sarah and myself – so we can’t do that daily.



Buy some incredibly fairly priced pillows from The Estate of Things Pillow Collection, and make our dreams comes true!

Right now, we just want to prove to ourselves that we can make something happen!


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Decorating & Adorning with Arrows

This is a thing. It’s been a thing for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about it not being a thing soon – if you care about that kind of thing! Around here, we do what we want. And we want vintage arrows, arrow wallpapers, arrow stencils, arrow art, arrow body art even!

Arrows are where it’s at.

This makes me all wanty for a trip to the tattoo shop.


Shop Vintage Arrows on ETSY


More from the Shop

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African Basket in the Etsy Shop


How great does that sweet little turquoise basket look among the peacock chair and Turkish rug in my corner that I set up just for this shot? I’m going to miss this dude, he’s come to have a personality. His lid is so expressive.


This beautifully handmade African basket originates from Senegal. I was told that this was handmade by the seller’s own tribe near Mali. He brings baskets to the US from Africa via air carrier and sells them on the street at the Culver City Farmer’s Market here in Los Angeles.

I love the contrast of the bright and lively turquoise against the organic texture of the grass basket.

Perfect for toy storage, a small contained diaper pail or for layering under a console table in your entry or living room. I styled this guy alongside another basket and my peacock chair, mixing in just a couple other global elements for that New Bohemian style.


Shop The Basket on ETSY


More from the Shop

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Something Green

succulent planter the estate of things


This combo yields something like this,

succulents coffee table

Agave is Desert Diamond from the always amazing Plants Delight (order online) and the vintage planter is from our shop.

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