the Estate Sale: holiday tables

As we usher autumn in, with it comes the holidays. Maybe you’re one of those turbo prepared, planning, dinner party afficionados or you’re just dreaming of your holiday table.

Wouldn’t a soup tureen or gravy bowl would be the perfect addition to a spread like this?

Dwell table

How’s about these,

vintage grey soup tureen gravy Japan

Dove grey soup tureen

vintage white soup tureen japan
White petite soup tureen

Something to consider…

the Estate Sale: Plant it

If you need a little greenery in your home might I suggest planting some succulents. They’re easy to care for and offer great color and texture.

succulents via absolutely beautiful things

You could plant your little succulents in a sweet vintage planter like this,

vintage McCoy planter
vintage McCoy planter

or in one of these,

vintage green planter

vintage Hull planter

vintage Hull planter

All available at the Estate Sale.

the Estate Sale: Vintage Blue Glass Water Jug

My favorite color is turquoise and I’m always drawn to blue glass in shelter mags, around town and at the flea market. I love the utilitarian and coastal look of vintage blue glass water bottles like the one in our Etsy shop, the Estate Sale.

vintage blue glass water bottle

vintage turquoise glass water bottle

You can spot antique demijohns and blue and green glass fairly easily in a variety of interiors. I love them in bathrooms and kitchens paired with wicker or driftwood or catching plenty of sunlight near a window.

Tim Street Porter photo

Steven Gambrel, photo via Tim Street Porter

glass bottle House Beautiful LR

House Beautiful

glass bottle display

In the Emerson Made household they fill their blue glass bottle up with corks.

EmersonMade living room

glass bottle vignette


glass bottle HB

open shelving Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living

the Estate Sale: Small Glass Cup

Much like some former Domino staffers and stylists, I too like to corral my matches in a sweet little cup,

Vintage glass cup with matches


Konig vignette

Rita Konig

Domino coffee table


Get your own chic little match cup or toothpick cup at the Estate Sale,

vintage glass cup

the Estate Sale: Italian Ceramic Bowl

New in our Etsy shop, the Estate Sale, is this lovely little Italian ceramic bowl.

vintage white italian pot bowl

Great for display, as a vase or holding a houseplant or an orchid– this little pot is pretty versatile.

I spotted a similar pot at the home of India Hicks featured in Veranda,

india hicks white bowl Veranda

the Estate Sale: Vintage Silver Gorham bowl

Our Etsy shop, the Estate Sale has several fresh new items added and among them is this elegant Gorham silver plated bowl,

vintage Gorham silver plated bowl

There are so many uses for this bowl around the house–put it at your entry to corral your mail or keys, put fruit in it, put it on the bookshelf or on the sideboard.

Coastal Living living room silver bowl

I just spotted one sitting on a coffee table in a Nantucket beach cottage in Coastal Living,

the Estate Sale: Bar Accessories

Fresh cuts at our Etsy shop, the Estate Sale this week–including those that might aid in a complete bar setup at home. Allow me to demonstrate,

This Mad Men-esque martini pitcher with glass stir would be a great addition

vintage glass martini pitcher

to a cocktail vignette like this,

Lonny bar

or maybe you need a classic modern decanter,


vintage glass bar decanter

to complete this scene,


Maybe you’re more of a wine drinker in which case you would require this unique decanter,

vintage glass wine decanter

to pour from the next time you sit down with friends at this table,

chandelier contrast Traditional Home

the Estate Sale: Vintage Bouquet Painting

I added this sweet little painting to the Etsy shop, the Estate Sale,

vintage bouquet oil painting

vintage bouquet oil painting detail


It reminded me of the “Coming Up Roses” feature in Lonny’s March/April Issue,

Lonny Roses feature

and PS, that Violet Chintz fabric has been stuck in my head and I couldn’t figure out where I had seen it, does that happen to you? You see something, forget to bookmark it and then it bugs you until you find it again (if you’re lucky)

the Estate Sale: Antique New York pennant

I recently added this antique felt New York pennant to our Etsy shop, the Estate Sale,

antique New York felt pennant

Wouldn’t it look great mixed in with a photo gallery wall like this,

dorm room salon wall

remember this was a dorm room on design steroids, don’t know source.

Or you could drape it in a display cabinet among other mementos, just a thought.

I’ve had New York on the brain lately because I’ve been listening to Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind…I know the song was released in like 2009.