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Happy Saturday! That’s right, it’s actually the weekend!

Sarah will be workin’ on the weekend, running by the Bennett Kitchen to snap a few photos and get some final touches in order. We’re so excited to see this lovely kitchen renovation wrapping up.

Betsy is mourning the loss of yet another real estate offer. (That’s now 6 and counting.) She and the dude are considering loosening the lines of the search parameters again before giving up. It’s time to get creative. Sarah is trying to push Betsy in to looking at this fixer, not entire sure Heffe would be in to it.

We hope that you find a moment to enjoy a lazy me moment at some point this weekend to soak in a few of the discoveries that we’ve loved this past week.

Sarah recently bought a casual pair of pillow covers she had been tracking for a while from Hokoda. She loves that they are cotton so her girls can toss them around freely. Hokoda has a new site called Bohem with all kinds of stuff that we predict you’ll love as much as we do!

Betsy was recently waxing dreams about tie-dyeing her sofa. Amazingly enough, she’s gone and done it. I’m sure more info is forthcoming, but for now peep a sneak peek of the tie-dye sofa on Instagram – and check out Brothers Dye House in LA. They will do the same mineral wash treatment for you (via mailorder) if you are feeling crazy. Alternatively, you can pick from a fan of Pantone Colors for a solid update to your tired slipcover. We can’t recommend these guys enough, they are super solid.

We like Sarah M. Dorsey every week, but we particularly loved this week’s tutorial on a sweet banana leaf botanical print DIY project that we should all strive to emulate. We’ll be playing with our own camera settings soon to see what we can create! Great inspiration.

Orlando (pronounced in such a way that rhymes with CONDO, who knew?) is moving in with his love and with this new adventure comes a whole new renovation. We’re sure this will be a pleasure to follow, so get the scoop on his initial brainstorms here on the E Hendo blog.

Betsy recently took a lunch jaunt to Sweetfin Poke in Santa Monica, and while the fish bowl was incredible the interior design and decor was downright moving. Betsy snapped a pic, and incredibly enough it caught the eye of DesignSponge via the #DSblues instagram challenge.

Meanwhile, this led us down a rabbit hole toward Studio Collective, the design trio behind aforementioned Sweetfin Poke. The crew is carving out an inspiring portfolio of lovely spaces that evoke all the essential SoCal vibez. Rich in texture, broad in influence, casual in its sophistication, and effortless in its meticulously carefree vibe, their portfolio includes the Goodland Hotel in Santa Barbara, a spot that we’ve been dying to check out. They also are the brains behind The Bungalow, which we were just raving about before we put it all together under one name. So, it’s all come full circle. We’re fans!

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That’s it y’all. Have a lovely weekend!


Changing up Your Style? Kate is!

Kates Cottage

Kate and I did some shopping this weekend. She has been in a bit of pattern paralysis since we last did a little decorating at her pad. We’re trying to put our finger on the right new look for her. Her patterns need an update, but I think she’s feeling stuck because she’s shifting away from her previous style, and into something new that we haven’t yet identified. You can see some old teals and chevron above, she is ready for that to go away.

After she found a new throw and a seriously eighties / Kelly Wearstler-esque abstract fabric that she loved, we’ve honed in on a palette that is a bit more rich and less twee than her previous pinks, corals and soft greys. She’s feeling bolder and using words like jewel tones and watercolors… so I’ve pulled together this new design board to see what she thinks, and to see if there is any way I can make these jewel tone watercolor thoughts make sense with her existing yellow silk curtains and soft grey sofa.

Just for a some comparison… here is this new design board by the old one… Let me know if you have any ideas!

NEW SECOND TIME Kate's Cottage DO Over Design Board copy Kate's Cottage DO Over Design Board

For Kate, my suggestions are as follows

  • Throw pillow in your new fabric from JoAnn’s with this watercolor peacock pillow from World Market you loved with this wine colored velvet pillow from H&M
  • Watercolor art from Society6, here and here
  • Reupholster that little midcentury stool in a hair on hide or black and white kilim
  • Flokati rug to warm up the space
  • Paint your door a deep purple… It’s a big deal but could be the statement that you need in that room.

Goods for Sale

A friend of mine has decided not to use this beautiful chevron print John Robshaw bolster. The bolster measures 20″ x 34″, it’s a whopper. The price is $120.00. Please email me if you are interested.

Robshaw bolster


robshaw bolster2



Life is Looking Like…

I need to purge some rando files from my desktop — and step away. Starting with these self portraits. I was vogueing in the den all by myself. I wanted a clean and crisp portrait for my social profiles and I’m learning my new camera. The dude walked in at one point and I tried to pretend that I wasn’t indulging in my own image. Does anyone else have a complicated relationship with the selfie?


This popped up for FREE on Craigslist. My friend Patrick hit me up to ask me about my experience with re-upholstery. I got so excited for him to own this piece of furniture. He said he’d found it within one hour of it’s post time stamp, but someone else got it. Dang. I was hoping it’d be the before shot for a really fun project!

Patricks Craig Score Before and After

I grabbed some coordinating blue and white fabric to match my existing pillow efforts. This could be our future. I forgot to add the vintage indigo batik hmong pillow that I recently sewed up, but it fits nicely.

Blue and White Pillows

This coordinating pillow effort was also a result of the fact that Sarah wants me to chill out with all the color I have going on and establish some order. She’s not wrong, but you know it’s hard for me as a color lover… I’ve always loved a haphazard mess of happy jewel tones. I don’t hear anyone calling me the master of the mix though — so I’m hanging it up and seeking professional help.

Get To Know HomePolish

It’s for realdo. I sought the sage advice of a professional that gets PAID for interior design. More to come, once I can catch my breath and really think about how my in home consultation went! I definitely LOVED my designer dude Matt Merrell, and I’m afraid I didn’t let him talk enough, so now I need to bone up some mo’ cash for more of his time.

Additionally, I’ve mentioned that I’ve been doing some work with Jaxon Home, and it’s been realllly fun. Some days it looks something like this… That is Patterson literally combing the fabric for it’s pristine product shot. Intrigued!? I’m slinging sofas now. GO SHOP!  Behind the Scenes at Jaxon Home




My husband and I agreed that we would focus on one room and work there until we felt like it was as complete as possible. The living room won the prize.

So a couple of weeks ago, Dan was sitting on the couch and he said “you realize that everything in this room is some shade of brown or white” The answer was yes, I was well aware of that and I had yet to really begin the decorating process in there.

Because I’m sort of overstimulated everyday on the internet when it comes to pattern and fabric I find it hard to settle on throw pillows for my own space. I decided to buckle down and start searching and considering what I really loved in what I saw each day around the web and tucked away in my inspiration file.

I had been admiring vintage embroidered suzanis on Etsy and Ebay for a while and finally decided that I wanted to incorporate one of those on the sofa. Something like these,

vintage suzani pillow cover sukan

vintage suzani pillow cover 2 sukan


I always feel like I’m attracted to a simple stripe, so I’d probably put two striped pillows on the sofa along with the vintage suzani pillow,

essex linen stripe Buy Fabrics

Buy Fabrics

naturals woven fabric stripe LS Fabrics

Lewis & Sheron

cadbury stripe fabric LS Fabrics

essential stripe LS Fabrics

and then I’d like to put these pillows already whipped up in a Robert Kime suzani fabric in each of the linen club chairs,

robert kime suzani pillow ebay

robert kime suzani pillow ebay2 

pillows here

I plan to acquire some vintage (rattan) arm chairs to sit at the pedestal table which kind of serves as a game/conversation table.  I envision these chairs to have upholstered seat cushions. Like this,

mary mcdonald red living room

I would most likely use a fabric with a small scale pattern like,

sister parish fabric via Designer's Attic

Sister Parish via The Designer’s Attic 

Peter Dunham fabric Cruz

Peter Dunham, Cruz


Good Turn Out

It has been over a year now since I took a sewing class. I made three throw pillows and hemmed a pair of pants. The last thing I did before the class ended was cut a piece of Schumacher’s Chenonceau (Fawn) in preparation to make a long rectangular pillow. I successfully cut it but thats where that project ended and the fabric has been stowed in my closet since then.

Schumacher Chenonceau fabric

As I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago I came across the fabric and decided that it was time to do something. So I took it to Renee’s Fabrics. They have tons of suzani and ikat prints coming in soon and they have the linen bird fabric that keeps popping everywhere like on Jamie’s ottoman.

Surprisingly Renee’s whipped up my pillow in one day. I think it looks great on the sofa!

Schumacher Chenonceau pillow

Oh and excuse the Petrie my dog ruined the upholstery, so much for that noise Crate & Barrel is making about stain resistance. I plan to have it covered in dark brown velvet one of these days.

This task was No. 32 on the Punch List.


A few weeks ago I went to a local furniture store called Plan B.  I spotted some pillows in the window and made a point to return the following day to purchase them.

The person watching the shop for the owner told me that the pillows were not for sale, they were to be sold with a settee. I was pretty frustrated but not defeated.

Flash forward–my Mom and I go back in to Plan B last week to check out the Astrid chairs they have in store for her bathroom, remember the chair in the bath post, if not you can read it here.

The pillows were still there. The owner was in. We ended up chatting with the owner for a bit about being design junkies and then he sold me the pillows…with a little convincing.

My Mom bought the Astrid chair for her bathroom and I put the pillows in my bedroom for now.

Caitlin Creer snapped a picture of my pillows at HD Buttercup in LA. Betsy used to live a bike ride away from that place, a must see for anyone into design!

the estate of things chooses caitlin creer interiors

Windsor Smith used a similar pattern in a different colorway in her fabulous LA home.  The pattern is part of Smith’s line, Riad.

the estate of things chooses windsor smith living room

the estate of things chooses riad fabric

The fabric alone retails for $63.20, I bought both of the pillows for $125.00.  I’ll definitely be visiting Plan B more in the future and I’ll be sure to take photos.

For now the pillows will call our bed home.

new pillows II

new pillows

Tonic Living

Its at Aubrey+Lindsay’s blog, (the champs of the Ikea Rast Overhaul), where I read about Tonic Living. All this talk of fabric swatches for $1 is what drew me in. I went and I ordered.

I ordered this outdoor pillow for the little sofa on my porch, this little ditty was $9.95 on clearance and I couldn’t pass it up.  There were several other cute pillows on sale that were $10-$12 each.

farrow_spa_single Tonic Living

And because I’d like to recover some vintage club chairs (in the next 10 years) in my living room, I ordered these samples for a buck a piece.

emilio-sand Tonic Living


gladstoneportobello Tonic Living


garden_trellis_taupe Tonic Living


mixmaster_scribbles_white Tonic Living

I am really taken by a classic ticking stripe.  The example given below is the very sophisticated and timeless loveseat at Lauren’s apartment from Good Bones, Great Pieces.  This apartment was featured in this month’s issue of Traditional Home.

striped loveseat Good Bones Great Pieces

Truthfully, I’m terrified of upholstering those chairs in something trendy, incurring all that expense and hating them a couple of years from now.  It’s so tempting to trick them out in some graphic print but I must resist.

Wish List

The can’t go wrong, ever popular, Hable Construction linen pillow x 2, espresso beads on wheat.

Thanks Santa, I knew I could count on you!

hable construction beads pillow

Fabric Check

Oh where oh where does the striped fabric come from?

the estate of things chooses bolster pillow

Does anyone happen to know what the fabric is on the long pillow?

What’s New at Hable Construction

We recently heard from our new friend and fan Jen at Hable Construction. I think by now everyone is pretty aware of how fabulous Hable Construction is. I like to browse the site from time to time to see what’s new. During a recent perusal, I again lovingly gazed upon the canvas bead storage bins. When will they cease to be great…I say never.

the estate of things chooses hable construction

the estate of things chooses hable construction the estate of things choose hable construction the estate of things chooses hable construction

the estate of things chooses hable constructionthe estate of things chooses hable construction

the estate of things chooses hable constructionthe estate of things chooses hable construction

And one of my other personal favorites are the heart sachets for your Valentine

the estate of things chooses hable construction

Thanks Jen! How could we not love Hable Construction.