Lupen Grainne’s Photographic Prints

Photographer Lupen Grainne captures the often overlooked details of life in her photography. I stumbled on her work two years ago in her Etsy shop and fell in love with the stripes and the sense of summer’s end in her print Fisherman’s Day Off. I enjoy it everyday included as part of our gallery wall in the living room.

boat print


I saw the print again, a larger version, in a color study Amber recently posted,

fisherman's day off print

Office Do Over: Photography Art

Two+ years ago I was looking at maybe Vogue Living Australia or House & Home and I saw this framed image leaning against a window sill,


I tore the image out and have had it in my inspiration binder. And then recently I stumbled upon the image on Pinterest and now I know that its Twiggy.

I liked the expression on the woman’s face, the sort of emptiness/boredom and lack of expression combined with the pop of the glasses and orange color. This image of Twiggy inspired me to purchase Valerie Chiang’s print which now hangs in my office. I’ve mentioned/posted about this print before but I finally put the two images together.

Valerie Chiang print

In case you’re curious I posted about redecorating my office here , here, here and here

Make Your Own

Don’t you think Betsy’s photograph,


Looks a lot like the photograph Thom Filicia used in the entry of the lake house in the current issue of House Beautiful…you’re nodding your head yes,


Give me one good reason why she shouldn’t blow this thing up and make some art?



I’m thinking side by side photographs is just the right thing for over my bed.

Now I’m a bit embarrassed to show you this because I need a new everything here…but this is the spot. You’re thinking yeah that room needs something and its not just art–that’s what I’d be mumbling to my computer screen right now if I was you.

This is what got me on the right track,

design by Hillary Thomas & Jeff Lincoln via House of Turquoise

I was reminded of the pair over the Ruffalo’s bed in Domino,

and then my mind quickly shifted to these prints,

Jennifer Squires Productions


Gimme a break

I’ll be back after the holiday. Betsy is holding the fort down.

Swim, Jan Heller

Get the look

Some recent observations when cruising around the internet looking at art-

So Nathan Turner has these great large scale photographic prints of flowers both in his condo and in his shop.

image via Nathan Turner

via So Haute

And I’m thinking this magenta Peony photograph from Jennifer Squires has a similar effect and will get the job done. How about this hung on a dark navy or gray wall or mixed with aqua and turquoise blue? Could be pretty great.

And for yo’ information Jennifer offers these sizes too-

$150 | 11×14 inches (28 cm x 36 cm)
$340 | 16×20 inches (40 cm x 50 cm)
$450 | 20×24 inches (50 cm x 60 cm)
$630 | 24×30 inches (60 cm x 75 cm)

Steven Gambrel always seems to feature a great landscape somewhere and this commanding image of clouds over the sea looks pretty damn amazing over that bed.

Aria by artist Halverson Frazier will get you one step closer to getting the look Gambrel created in the bedroom above.

Markham Roberts is another designer who uses great landscapes in his interiors like the photograph of the ocean above the sofa,

This mystic seascape will work some magic over your sofa,

Lontano– As from a distance

Perhaps you like a little less water in your abstract landscapes– for example,

or one of my favorites the abstract landscape in the dining room at Alexandra Pavoncelli’s Long Island home,

if you like those then you’ll like this,

and she has several more that you will love equally.

Sally Mann

I was introduced to Sally Mann’s work through Pinterest, which these days is where I meet with a whole lot of new things that I like.

sally mann portrait

Sally Mann

This is the photograph that sent me frantically searching,

Sally Mann Candy Cigarette 1989
candy cigarette, 1989

Sally came in to public view with a series of intimate photographs of her three young children, Jessie, Emmett and Virginia shot in Lexington, Virginia. The collection was called Immediate Family and it first appeared in Houk Friedman Gallery in New York and then later in a traveling exhibit at the The Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.

From what I’ve seen of the series, the collection explores both the reality and fantastical nature of childhood and the sensuality that Mann saw in her own children all under the age of 10.  In most of the photographs contained in the Immediate Family collection, Mann’s children appear nude and sometimes they are injured, sick (bloody noses, chicken pox, pink eye) or appear exhausted. The nudity and context of some of the photographs sparked some controversy and garnered Sally some press and attention that wasn’t forseen.

After Immediate Family was released, Sally was contacted by a filmmaker named Steven Cantor. Cantor intended on making a documentary short about censorship in our culture but after meeting Sally and seeing the pictures of her children what resulted was Blood Ties, a 1994 documentary about Sally and her family that was ultimately nominated for an Academy Award.

sally mann virginia & jessie

After Blood Ties, Sally continued to create art in collections like Still Time and What Remains. Cantor and Mann remained in contact and in 2004, Cantor released a full length documentary about Sally, her artistic process, her family and the project she was working on that centered around death and decay called What Remains.

sally mann damaged child

After learning more about Sally and her work, naturally I wanted to know what became of the most beloved of subjects–her children. Did they become artists too?


Turns out Lexington, VA, the site of the Mann family homestead, was also home to many acclaimed artists like Cy Twombley. Under Twombley’s tutelage, Jessie Mann also began painting. Emmett joined the Peace Corps for a time and Virginia went to law school.

Jessie Mann

Jessie Mann today, via Just Say Maux

For me, some of the photographs in Immediate Family at first were too raw, too provocative but then I started to remember childhood, especially a childhood in the rural south. The injuries depicted in these images; blood, scabs, black eyes, bloody noses, insect bites–all of that is par for the course and capturing that on film is a solid dose of realism. When I gave my brother a black eye, I don’t think we would’ve been scarred if my mother would’ve sat him down against a white wall and photographed him. Its the apparent sensuality in some of these images that creates the shock value and what many wrestle with including myself. Some will instantly be dismissive, some will remember skipping stones on the river in the heat of summer. I’m just wondering–Does/Should this art have a place in our world?

A portion of Cantor’s 2nd film about Sally, What Remains.

Some other great resources:

PBS did a feature on Sally in 2003, in their Art of the 21st Century series, Art21

A Dialogue Between Steven Cantor and Sally Mann

The Disturbing Photography of Sally Mann


I began reading Jamie’s blog From Me To You last year. I included her in my blog it forward inspiration post back in March and Jamie continues to inspire me everyday.

from me to you blog banner

In addition to sharing all of the beautiful scenes that Jamie captures through her lens, she also shares some pretty amazing recipes.

the estate of things chooses the jazz singer

The Jazz Singer series

For those of us who have Iphones (personally wouldn’t have it any other way) Jamie offers free wallpaper. I love the offering for the month of June– images from Coney Island.

                 the estate of things chooses june iphone wallpaper  the estate of things chooses ferris wheel 

                 the estate of things chooses coney island sign  the estate of things chooses red tower coney island


Love for James Merrell

Have I clearly expressed my appreciation for the photographic work of James Merrell?

James Merrell girard chair

I wish James Merrell would come to my house and take beautiful photographs of DC and I lying around on the sofa, looking as if we were bearing the weight of the world on our shoulders and contemplating all sorts of complex…stuff.

James Merrell kid underwear


James Merrell purple dresser


James Merrell girl in bed


James Merrell living room


James Merrell couple

Rita Konig’s apartment, featured in Domino. This is a fun room to examine and take apart.


James Merrell Rita Konig living room

Notice the loveseat in this photo. It looks like it has been upholstered with three different fabrics and I love it! Striped on back, aqua on top, darker color on the bottom, maybe brown or navy? The dark color is repeated in the tufting and in the stripe.


James Merrell mixed pattern settee


James Merrell pop art


Jones Beach: The American Riviera?

With his book Jones Beach, Joseph Szabo may have been succcessful in making icons out of a unique and unlikely group.

jones beach joseph szabo

Joseph Szabo snapped photographs at Jones Beach for three decades capturing a diverse group of tourists.

The book is due out April 1st. You can buy it here.

Laura Moss Photography

I recently spied this bedroom photographed by Laura Moss in House Beautiful.

bedroom Laura Moss photog

Once I sought out her portfolio I found some other jewels I thought you might want to take a gander at.

blue kitchen portrait Laura Moss

modern exterior Laura Moss

living room Laura Moss

desk Laura Moss photog

warm living room Laura Moss photog

Opening Doors

Happy weekend peeps-

a door in Soho

a door in Soho taken during my fall trip to NYC

Sneak Attack Two

This past weekend, instead of going to South Pasadena to take proper pictures of Craftsman homes, or going to Manhattan Beach to check out Maison Luxe – I went hiking in Thousand Oaks with Kate. And we used my iPhone camera and THE BEST CAMERA app to snap these fun pictures of us enjoying the day.