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Sarah’s Holiday Essentials

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Well we are just two days away and I still have a hand full of gifts to buy, ouch! I slacked. But there’s still time and I’m a clutch gift buyer, granted it won’t be the photo book that makes you sob or the monogrammed cocktail shaker (sorry Mom) or the perfect handmade gift but they’ll still like it and I’ll still enjoy giving it.

Here’s a list of essentials that I need to gather up and have on hand on the Eve of Christmas. Got your needs covered?

Christmas Essentials

1 Wham/ 2 Elf/ 3 cozy throw/ 4 poker deck/ 5 swiss dot PJs/ 6 Christmas Vacation DVD/ 7 Grown-up games/ 8 Thymes Frasier Fir candle/ 9 Hot cocoa/ 10 Cranberry Ginger Fizz


NYE 2012

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Inching ever so close to 2013. That sounds like the future doesn’t it—2013.

In the 80s, if you would’ve told me that we wouldn’t be using hover-boards by 2013 I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

We have big plans tonight, Mad Men party with Betsy!

This is the dress I last minute ordered while I had the flu from this very nice Etsy seller.


I practiced my winged eyeliner last night, thanks to this blogger for some tips. Although I have to say the tape trick didn’t really work for me, I just freehand the wing.

the beauty department blog

Very excited to be ringing in the New Year with my friend once again. Happy New Year everyone!


Babies and Birthdays

My sweet little Laney turned one over the weekend. We started the day off right,

Getting setup for the party, a year in review. Doubling as decoration and party favor, we let the guests take home any pictures they wanted.

Not too long ago we started with this,

and like most parents we feel like time has flown by and now we have a wonderful one year old with a great sense of humor that is oh so close to walking…any day now.

have you seen this cake on Pinterest? A local bakery, The Bakehouse recreated the cake for us.

Life is so much sweeter because of you.


A little party #RIPtreehouse

Dear Sarah,

I know that it’s unlikely that you, Dan, DC and Pete can hop a plane for the party, but I wanted you to know that you are invited to help me and a few friends bid farewell to the Treehouse. I asked Heffe what the theme should be and he’s a genius. He immediately replied with “POOL PARTY.”

So, the above pic is the save the date for my #RIPtreehouse party, and I just wanted you to see it now, cause I think it’s so pretty. I’ll be peppering our Facebook invite with photos from a photography exhibit at the Palm Springs Museum called Backyard Oasis for inspiration.

Since the Treehouse decor ended up a little Palm Springsish w/ its blue and yellow theme – it’s appropriate. I’ll do my best to find an outfit that recalls this familiar image.


P.S. Here’s another that is just loveable!

Source: via KCRW on Pinterest


DC’s Birthday Party

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Well all of the yardwork, land clearing, planning, shopping trips, drilling and last minute party prep came to fruition on Saturday as my sweet girl turned 3.

Here are the sights,

DC's birthday daisies

The star of the show.

DC slide

DC swing

The co-star, it was beautiful and tasted just as good as it looked. Thank you Kristin, you did a fabulous job! Recipe here.

DC's rainbow birthday cake
love the rainbow crumbs.

DC's rainbow cake slice

 DC’s favorite, pink lemonade

party pink lemonade

 straws from Sweet Lulu

Sweet Lulu party straws

 DC insisted that there be dinosaurs, I obliged

dinosaurs on DC's cake

and lots of balloons

DC party balloons

still enjoying the balloons the morning after.

DC balloons

Happy Birthday sweet girl, you’re the best.