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by Sarah on June 21, 2011, 2 comments

My husband and I agreed that we would focus on one room and work there until we felt like it was as complete as possible. The living room won the prize.

So a couple of weeks ago, Dan was sitting on the couch and he said “you realize that everything in this room is some shade of brown or white” The answer was yes, I was well aware of that and I had yet to really begin the decorating process in there.

Because I’m sort of overstimulated everyday on the internet when it comes to pattern and fabric I find it hard to settle on throw pillows for my own space. I decided to buckle down and start searching and considering what I really loved in what I saw each day around the web and tucked away in my inspiration file.

I had been admiring vintage embroidered suzanis on Etsy and Ebay for a while and finally decided that I wanted to incorporate one of those on the sofa. Something like these,

vintage suzani pillow cover sukan

vintage suzani pillow cover 2 sukan


I always feel like I’m attracted to a simple stripe, so I’d probably put two striped pillows on the sofa along with the vintage suzani pillow,

essex linen stripe Buy Fabrics

Buy Fabrics

naturals woven fabric stripe LS Fabrics

Lewis & Sheron

cadbury stripe fabric LS Fabrics

essential stripe LS Fabrics

and then I’d like to put these pillows already whipped up in a Robert Kime suzani fabric in each of the linen club chairs,

robert kime suzani pillow ebay

robert kime suzani pillow ebay2 

pillows here

I plan to acquire some vintage (rattan) arm chairs to sit at the pedestal table which kind of serves as a game/conversation table.  I envision these chairs to have upholstered seat cushions. Like this,

mary mcdonald red living room

I would most likely use a fabric with a small scale pattern like,

sister parish fabric via Designer's Attic

Sister Parish via The Designer’s Attic 

Peter Dunham fabric Cruz

Peter Dunham, Cruz



Good Turn Out

by Sarah on October 7, 2010, 4 comments

It has been over a year now since I took a sewing class. I made three throw pillows and hemmed a pair of pants. The last thing I did before the class ended was cut a piece of Schumacher’s Chenonceau (Fawn) in preparation to make a long rectangular pillow. I successfully cut it but thats where that project ended and the fabric has been stowed in my closet since then.

Schumacher Chenonceau fabric

As I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago I came across the fabric and decided that it was time to do something. So I took it to Renee’s Fabrics. They have tons of suzani and ikat prints coming in soon and they have the linen bird fabric that keeps popping everywhere like on Jamie’s ottoman.

Surprisingly Renee’s whipped up my pillow in one day. I think it looks great on the sofa!

Schumacher Chenonceau pillow

Oh and excuse the Petrie my dog ruined the upholstery, so much for that noise Crate & Barrel is making about stain resistance. I plan to have it covered in dark brown velvet one of these days.

This task was No. 32 on the Punch List.


Cover Me

by Sarah on June 16, 2010, 2 comments

On occasion I will come across things that…make me want to lick the screen. China Seas fabrics would fall in to that category.  I’ve included a few of my favorites.

Nothing could be more perfect for my $5 flea market chair than this.

the estate of things chooses china seas aga the estate of things chooses china seas aga reverse

the estate of things chooses Domino cover

the estate of things chooses cross check fabric

the estate of things chooses veranda magazine


As I scroll through Quadrille’s editorial portfolio and their collections I think to myself what more could you need. Quadrille has everything. Their collections have appeared on all kinds of surfaces in so many of my favorite rooms.

the estate of things chooses house beautiful bedroom

Fez fabric on bed skirt, House Beautiful

the estate of things chooses Lysette Reverse

John Willey guestroom

room by John Willey via House Beautiful

the estate of things chooses lyford diamond blotch

the estate of things chooses bali hai fabric

the estate of things chooses fiorentina

the estate of things chooses birds II fabric

the estate of things chooses at home magazine

At Home

the estate of things chooses new batik

the estate of things chooses melong batik

the estate of things chooses nitik II

the estate of things chooses balinese batik

the estate of things chooses charade

the estate of things chooses java java