TEOT Etsy Shop: Vintage Shield Mirror

On first blush, you might say the shield mirror in the TEOT Etsy shop leans traditional. But because of its clean lines and classic shape its actually pretty versatile.

teot etsy shop shield mirror

Here it is in a more traditional installation, Eddie Ross’ dining room

shield mirror Eddie Ross Lonny

It would be a welcome addition to this gallery wall,

shield mirror gallery wall

How does it translate in a modern bath, pretty well I’d say,

20 Massucco bath

Massucco Warner Miller

But I think my favorite placement for it might be a boy’s room like this maybe,

boys room Lonny Ashley Putnam

or this one,

david scott boy's room

David Scott


the Estate Sale: What’s missing?

If the only thing you’re missing in your fabulous kitchen with grey cabinets is a white footed bowl?

grey kitchen cabinets

your search is over because I’ve got your bowl in the Estate Sale shop,

vintage royal worcester pedestal bowl

the Estate Sale: Vintage Blue Glass Water Jug

My favorite color is turquoise and I’m always drawn to blue glass in shelter mags, around town and at the flea market. I love the utilitarian and coastal look of vintage blue glass water bottles like the one in our Etsy shop, the Estate Sale.

vintage blue glass water bottle

vintage turquoise glass water bottle

You can spot antique demijohns and blue and green glass fairly easily in a variety of interiors. I love them in bathrooms and kitchens paired with wicker or driftwood or catching plenty of sunlight near a window.

Tim Street Porter photo

Steven Gambrel, photo via Tim Street Porter

glass bottle House Beautiful LR

House Beautiful

glass bottle display

In the Emerson Made household they fill their blue glass bottle up with corks.

EmersonMade living room

glass bottle vignette


glass bottle HB

open shelving Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living

Nursery: Baby Quilts

I’ve been working on piecing a nursery together and because I’m still convinced that its a boy (two more weeks until we know!) I’ve been focusing on creating a space meant for a boy. Not to worry–I’m not totally putting my eggs in one basket, I do have a starting element for a girl’s nursery that I could build on.

One element I was thinking of including is a quilt or blanket folded and placed over the side of the crib. Let me stop here and say that I did this in DC’s room and I placed it at the foot of the crib so there was no risk of it falling off in to the crib and on to her face. 

While we’re on the topic of baby quilts, during some of my daily reading I discovered designer Amy Meier (thanks to Amber Interiors) who is letting a quilt drive the concept in her daughter’s nursery. Check out Amy’s portfolio here.

So back to the search– 

I looked through some of my favorite baby sites and then of course I started cruising Etsy. I found an abundance of sweet blankets, I especially love the gauze cotton blankets like the Patapri Mountain blanket below. Here are some of favorites,

patapri mountain baby blanket

forest friends baby quilt

Pip Squeaks Baby

plaid merry baby blanket

Lovely Home Idea

gauze baby quilt namoo


colour geese baby quilt

Petite Chenille Designs

blue and brown zinnias baby quilt

Modern Prairie Designs

sherbet pips baby quilt

Whirly Birds