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TEOT Etsy Shop: Vintage Etched Glass Drink Mixer

by Sarah on October 23, 2013, no comments

My husband Dan said I should call this post “Samesies” and he’s right cuz this piece of vintage happy hour goodness is in the TEOT Etsy shop for $30.00,

etsy drink mixer

but wait there’s more…I saw this on OKL for $99,

OKL drink mixer


Same good vintage taste, more for a much better price tag! Go TEOT!



Shopping Etsy

by Sarah on October 14, 2013, 2 comments

Some of my favorite stuff on Etsy right now.

Grouping of PerlaAnne’s prints, beach photography…still, friendship bracelets, ink wash art, Moroccan blankets, Hmong textiles, rainbow notepads, vintage wool blankets including the classic Hudson’s Bay for the coming season.

etsy board2

1. PerlaAnne Press prints 2. Beach 3. Notepad 4. Pom pom blanket 5. bracelet 6. Vintage wool blanket 7. Hmong pillow 8. Ink wash



TEOT Etsy Shop: Vintage Green Enamel Silver Bowl

by Sarah on October 7, 2013, no comments

Mornin’, I wanted to share something new in the TEOT Etsy shop with you, something you might be interested in.

Mark Sikes,


Sara Ruffin Costello and others agree that its a safe bet to include these lovely enameled silver bowls on your table,


May I also suggest sparkling silver bowls holding treats at the holidays like so,


take a gander at the silver bowl in the TEOT Etsy shop now,