African Basket in the Etsy Shop


How great does that sweet little turquoise basket look among the peacock chair and Turkish rug in my corner that I set up just for this shot? I’m going to miss this dude, he’s come to have a personality. His lid is so expressive.


This beautifully handmade African basket originates from Senegal. I was told that this was handmade by the seller’s own tribe near Mali. He brings baskets to the US from Africa via air carrier and sells them on the street at the Culver City Farmer’s Market here in Los Angeles.

I love the contrast of the bright and lively turquoise against the organic texture of the grass basket.

Perfect for toy storage, a small contained diaper pail or for layering under a console table in your entry or living room. I styled this guy alongside another basket and my peacock chair, mixing in just a couple other global elements for that New Bohemian style.


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A Chairish Chair Challenge

Decorating tips for accent chairs a chairish challenge by the estate of things

We love a lot of layer and texture in our homes. Adding a vintage piece as an accent chair is a great trick to achieve this. It creates warmth, depth and interest to an overall room scheme. If you are seeking a casual and eclectic aesthetic, one thing to keep in mind is the mix! This maximalist approach requires mastering a combination of complimentary colors, textures and styles from multiple eras. You don’t want to lean too mid-century by placing all large pieces from the same era into one room, but a vintage accent piece is a step in the right direction!

Practice mixing up eras and styles by selecting a traditional if not timeless anchor in your sofa, then layer on a more brilliant selection with your side chairs and accessories. Don’t forget to pull in some organic textures by selecting woods and grasses, and you don’t have to shy away from color either. If it feels overwhelming, just have a look at how we’ve done it here, as each of us were challenged to design around a Chairish accent chair.

Sarah says:

I don’t live in CA but I love a SoCal look that is modern, bohemian, eclectic and laid back. Achieving SoCal cool is my objective here.

Chairish Room

Sources: Jaxon Sofa I Chairish Accent Chair I Table Lamp I Flower photograph I Accent Table I Coffee Table I Mirror I Seagrass Cube
Block print pillow I Striped pillow I Mudcloth pillow I Rug I  Floor Lamp I Chair I Abstract Painting

Betsy says:

If taking advice from Billy Baldwin, which we all should, his suggestion is that your large pieces of furniture sit quietly permanent, while your floating chairs are free to be brilliant. With this design board, I took the nod, (well – assuming that a light pink sofa is “quietly permanent”) and I paired it with some candy colored accessories. The overall on-trend indigo theme keeps the looked pulled together, and all of that colorful garnish gives off an eclectic warmth. Using a disciplined color palette creates a cohesive design while mixing pieces and patterns that span time and culture.

The Estate of Things Chairish Chair Challenge pick by Betsy

Sources: Chairish Accent Chair  I  Embroidered Pouf  I  Kilim Cubes  I  Macrame Wall Hanging  I
Over-dyed Rug  I  Custom Sofa by Jaxon Home  I   Grass Rug  I  Safavieh Lamp  I  Selamat Coffee Table  I  Light Fixture  I  Indigo Pillows



Vintage Office Chair Redo

Do you recall that $10 vintage office chair I bought last summer at my favorite local thrift store? Here it is, basically left outside with a future in dumpsters.

I decided on a simple and affordable small black and white stripe from Premier Prints because my thrift chair needed a lot of work at the upholstery shop. And voila this is how it turned out,
office chair
office chair2

Make Me Over

Meet my $10 mid century office chair. Nice solid wood base on nickel casters, everything is in good working order, the wood even looks like it might be teak or something pretty and Danish looking. Worn–yes, sad—probably, hopeful–absolutely.

So my first instinct was black and white small vertical stripes. Then my next thought was some boldly colored velvet.

Visualize with me,

Care to vote?

all sources are Pinterest unless otherwise noted.

You Should…

consider having a traditional, antique chair reupholstered in modern fabric like so,

co-lab reupholstered chair

Co-Lab, antique chair with Studio Bon for Schumacher fabric

These antique chairs are easy to find, I see them everywhere and not just at antique stores, sometimes they are abandoned by the side of the road. Its just fun to have some crazy old accent chair in the corner or on a blank wall don’t you think?  

Happy Weekend everybody, doing anything exciting?


I wanna rock with you

Meet the new piece of furniture thats likely to appear in a nursery near you

ryder rocking chair west elm

Ryder rocking chair

There is a decent number of mamas and designers looking for a solid alternative to the Sleepytime rocker, upholstered glider or IKEA rocker in the nursery. This could be the one. If I didn’t already have a rocker, I’d want to test drive this one.

While we’re talking about West Elm, lets talk about some other cool new stuff,

striped edge duvet west elm

Stripe edge duvet

I have the striped edge sheets and love them!

favorite throw west elm

Favorite throw

I’ve been looking for an affordable throw for DC’s room, but I needed just the right color to match her shams.

linen cotton beadskirt west elm

linen cotton bedskirt

Nice basic, tailored bedskirt

egg crate west elm

Egg crate

If your fridge didn’t come with egg storage 



Striking Resemblance

reupholstered club chair

My vintage club chair reuholstered in linen bears a striking resemblance to,

Dwell linen club chair

Here’s where they differ the new Dwell Studio Turner chair is about $990.00. My pair of chairs cost a total of $700 which includes two chairs, linen fabric and reupholstering. These kinds of things make me feel good.

Dear TEOT: Sourcin’

A TEOT reader recently sent us an email.

Vicky writes,

I am DYING to know more about the wood frame chair(s) in bungalow 404, the ones with the white cushions. I would love to know about the vine fabric on the pillow case (on the one near the white ikea inspired bookcase) and where you found those chairs!!!


Dearest Vicky,

Good story about those chairs. I purchased them about 8 years ago at a thrift store in Greensboro, NC called Design Archives (great store). So…they are vintage. The chairs have a bamboo frame and chrome caps on the ends of each arm. I painted them black and had new cushions made for them because when I bought the chairs the cushions were missing.  Not long after buying those chairs, Sara Ruffin Costello’s home was featured in Domino.

Remember this,

Domino Living Room-Sara Ruffin Costello

Now look closer at Costello’s living room.

Do you see the black arm chairs on the left and right sides of the image, with the LuLu DK Chant patterned throw pillows in them? Yeah now imagine my surprise.  When I saw those I immediately checked the source in the magazine. Costello’s chairs (my chairs) were from Room and Board.  Eight years ago, Room and Board was carrying these chairs at about $300 each.  Today, they are not. I would recommend searching bamboo furniture on Craigslist and Ebay. I searched “bamboo lounge chair” on Ebay and got some interesting hits but nothing right on the money.

Sarah's ReFinished Chair

The fabric is an easy one. The green vine fabric you asked about is a pillow cover I purchased from skinny laminx called Orla in chartreuse. I checked her shop and she doesn’t currently have any Orla cushions available but from experience Etsy sellers are always open to questions and she might be willing to accomodate.

Great email and thanks for writing.

All the best-


Computer Chair Rebirth

Do you have one of those Target torchiere lamps that you’ve been hauling around with you since college or maybe one of those boring black computer chairs that haunts you. If so, we think you’ll find Amanda’s redo of her old computer chair to be quite inspiring and it didn’t cost her a thing.

We found Amanda at her blog, Learning As We Go, where she discusses her discovery of parenthood and life as a stay at home Mom. Amanda started her blog to keep her family and friends who don’t live nearby up to date on her sweet son Evan’s life and development.

Now on to the chair…

Amanda took a laundry bag she purchased at IKEA a couple of years ago and worked some magic on that old chair. Here’s a before, she had already removed the backrest.

the estate of things chooses Amanda's computer chair

And here’s the old chair reborn

the estate of things chooses Amanda's computer chair recovered

I think I see a staple gun laying on the floor there. What an improvement, great job Amanda! If you’d like step by step instructions, you can visit Amanda’s original chair post and leave her a comment and I’m sure she would be happy to share the details.

Butterfly Chairs


I have been considering a butterfly chair as a seating option at Bungalow 404 because of it’s smaller scale. It will easily fit it in a corner or in a tight space.  Do you think butterfly chairs lend anything to an interior or do they scream 1970s incense, rec room?

Marie Claire Maison

             the estate of things chooses marie claire maison

Marie Claire Maison

              the estate of things chooses marie claire maison


              the estate of things chooses ohdeedoh

Ohdeedoh recently posted about DIY butterfly chair covers, see that post here.

Butterfly Chairs at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs


I love these antique gliders painted vibrant colors…



SFgirlbybay Flickr


Needleworks Inc,


Tilton Lane


In Buenos Aires apartment, Hessilou




the estate of things chooses atlitw's