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Styling Shelves at the Heffe House

It’s no secret that the Heffe House built-ins are a disaster, and never have I ever been good at styling and accessorizing.

My first task, which was positioned to me by my designer friend Matt, was to pick out some inspiration images. After I pick a few and study them for a bit, he will come over and we will pull everything off of my shelves, and then using what we’ve learned from my inspiration images – we’ll place things back in some beautiful fashion.

Meanwhile, I’m having trouble even picking out the inspiration images. Here’s what I’ve gathered thus far. Looks like I’m more interested in books than tchotkes… but I have a lot of tchotke to factor into the project.

Would love your suggestions.


The Estate of Things Erica-Tanov-home-kelly-ishikawa-anthology-magazine

Lili Diallo via Domino


Great Books for the Wishlist

Great art and coffee table books have always been a part of my wishlist. I wanted to share a few with you that are sure to be on mine this holiday season. All found on Amazon but don’t forget about Overstock–they have a great selection too.

1. Classic Africa 2. Clarence House 3. Designing the Hamptons 4. Hamptons Gardens 5. Penguin by Design 6. Peter Pennoyer Architects 7. Mark Rothko 8. Sally Mann Immediate Family 9. Slim Aarons Once Upon A Time 10. The Great American House Gil Schafer 11. Cy Twombley: A Monograph


Filling in the gaps

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I have bookshelves everywhere in my house and one section of shelving in the living room is completely void of books. We have a lot of books and most of them went in to the den/library to the massive built ins in there so I’m in the process of collecting from estate sales and other thrifting ventures when I can and occassionally I’ll buy some from Amazon.  I like Amazon because I can buy used books that are in great shape for less.

I obviously have an addiction to design books and now that there are limited shelter mags to drool over I find myself turning to the books more.

Bought this at an estate sale for $3,

heath ceramics book

Recent Amazon purchases,

At Home with Town & Country book

new york in the 70s book

hamptons bohemia book

I’m collecting slowly but surely.


Handsome Fiction: The Folio Society

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With all of this talk about bookcases, it’s a good thing we have the Folio Society to turn to if we want to fill our shelves with beautiful works of fiction, history, biography, whatever you crave. 

The Folio Society has been making beautiful books since 1947, take a spin through their collection.

the estate of things chooses the folio society the estate of things chooses catch 22the estate of things chooses oscar and lucinda