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Blush & Bashful

My finger, on the pulse of y’alls reaction to the Pantone Marsala announcement, well – it tells me that you aren’t so excited.  But what if we just pretend that what Pantone really meant to say was: Pink. The folks over at Dering Hall suggested it and I’m inclined to agree, so now it’s got me digging and thinking.

I feel that it is at it’s best when its the blushy kind, not that alarming electric hot kind, but rather a dirty baby soft and warm shade is where it’s at. Y’all feel me? Jump in and then let me know what you think about all of this?

Dusty Rose Blush Pink Walls

This is how blush is presentedat the Riad Charai in Marrakech. It’s inspiring.


Jungalow Pink Justina Blakeny

Justina revealed her new jungalow headquarters. I’m always excited when a blogger levels up and Justina didn’t disappoint with her big pink armoire.

Eleanors Nursery

This ceramic elephant is a sweet little detail that inspired Sarah in Laney’s nursery. Sarah jumped into the pink for that room, a perfect choice for a baby girl naturally, and the results were more sweet than saccharine!


Burlingame Sofa by Madeline Stuart

What a knowing color to luxuriate on when offered up as a velvet sofa. These traditional lines and finishes could offer just the right air of bohemian sophistication in my imagined setting. I just love the muddy tint, like a pink that has lost a bit of its innocence.


Dimore Studio

This room by Dimore Studio just smacks of another element in interior design photography that I’m all about, which is the mood and airiness of these rich saturated walls. Here, the breathy charcoal swallows up a dusty rose duvet with shadowy mystery.

Dusty Rose Hair

I like to think that I march to the beat of my own drum where it comes to fashion. Yet, I’ve been rocking the ubiquitous dusty rose pink locks thing since I first met Heffe, four years ago. I’ve recently cut it all out. He asked me to go back the other day, and I had to tell him that I’m not sure I can, b/c I keep reading about how this look is OUT! And you know what I hear is on it’s way in? Metallic hair. Perfect, I’ve alway battled with the brass.


Laney’s Nursery

In Laney’s mind, she is most assuredly a “big girl”. But before she came to know everything at 2.5 years old, she once had a nursery. This is what it looked like…well wait before we look, I want to remind you that there were previous posts outlining some of the design process they are here, here and here in case you want to review.

This is Laney’s nursery at our old house (Connecticut House),

The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s Pink Damask and it was…and I hesitantly admit this because I get teased a lot around here about my affinity for the color white but the color in this room was too subtle, too light. So there you go Dan, have at it. The Feist print and bentwood stool were both baby gifts from Betsy and we are using those again in Laney’s big girl room. The rocker is Nurseryworks, which Target now carries.

Laney nursery6_opt

The shelves are the trusty Ekby and bracket from IKEA. The owl print is by Hadley Hutton. The blocks are part of the Uncle Goose Alexander Girard set, porcelain lanterns are from West Elm, the bunny is Jellycat and its from my Mama and the rolling duck toy was DC’s and it was from Etsy. The Orla Kiely board books are both beautiful and functional.

Laney nursery7

The shades were custom, the sparrow mobile was my oldest daughter DC’s and it’s a Flensted mobile, the giraffe is a Sharon Montrose print, all of the bedding was made by my Grandma which I love and will always treasure especially the quilt and I know Laney will too. The pink chevron bumpers are made from Rubie Green’s East Village and a white linen/cotton blend. The piping and ties were made from a pink sheet set that I bought at Home Goods. The crib was DC’s and it was part of the Baby Mod collection at Walmart, similar here.

Laney nursery4

The bookcase/window seat is a Ikea Expedit (similar) bookcase with casters added to the bottom. The pillows were handmade by my Grandma with a gauzy linen stripe in the front and a pale pink block print from Purl Soho in the back. The vase I’ve had for a while, the ceramic elephant is vintage. The set of white alphabet books were a gift from our friends Kristine & Fred and we now have to read those things EVERY NIGHT, thanks guys! The round jute rug is from West Elm and has held up well in case you’re wondering. It was a hand me down from my Mom and it’s about 3+ years old, here’s a similar rug.

Laney nursery2


Laney nursery3

Laney nursery



Babies and Birthdays

My sweet little Laney turned one over the weekend. We started the day off right,

Getting setup for the party, a year in review. Doubling as decoration and party favor, we let the guests take home any pictures they wanted.

Not too long ago we started with this,

and like most parents we feel like time has flown by and now we have a wonderful one year old with a great sense of humor that is oh so close to walking…any day now.

have you seen this cake on Pinterest? A local bakery, The Bakehouse recreated the cake for us.

Life is so much sweeter because of you.


Don’t Call it a Comeback

Its been almost four months since we discovered that the site had been hacked and I wrote a real post. When Betsy told me that we would have to basically dismantle the blog I was almost nine months pregnant and feeling pretty overwhelmed and emotional. I mourned the loss of Teot for a couple of days and started to adjust to the idea that it might not ever be rebuilt. A week or so after Betsy took the blog down we got a chance to discuss it on the telephone and as Betsy usually does she eased my mind and with the help of some of her friends in CA she cleaned Teot up and got her up and running again…and here I am.

Since November a couple of things happened, the biggest being I had a baby! This is our second child and our second little girl…we’ll call her Laney.

Laney came fast and furious in the middle of the night on November 30th. Its a pretty cool birth story but I don’t want to go all Mommy on you so I’ll just be brief and say that her birth took one hour and 15 minutes from registration to birth. The labor and delivery nurses that didn’t even have time to introduce themselves to me said I should be the poster mom for giving birth.

Here is Laney today at two months old…

So we’ve been adjusting to having two children, doing the newborn sleepless thing, juggling our jobs and thinking about home improvement. Seems like one sentence doesn’t do this challenging time justice but some of you out there know what I’m talking about.

What’s been going on while Teot has been out of commission? Well…

I finished a bathroom remodel in December at the May project. The finished product will require its own dedicated post. But the before images are here and my pinboard for the project is here. Here’s a tiny peek,

May bath faucet

We’ve also been making some headway on a couple of projects around our house,

The nursery is a pretty big deal, my plan for the room is here. I’m almost there and I did end up buying the Rubie Green East Village fabric for the bumper and bench cushion. Here is evidence of progress,

nursery shelving

Laney's nursery

handmade modern quilt

Dan got the gallery wall going in the upstairs hallway–almost complete. You can see the remnants of the brown paper templates I used to arrange the gallery. I cut out the shapes of all of the frames I have now and then labeled the brown paper and then taped them up to arrange them. The silver plate covers an electrical box for a sconce that the previous owner of the house took with her.

picture gallery wall

And my Dad and Dan installed a new toilet in the upstairs bathroom in about two hours. I’m pretty proud of them. The toilet that was there was original to the house which means that it was 80 years old and running every time we used it and using six gallons of water every time it was flushed. Now we have a brand spankin’ new potty, a Kohler Memoirs in classic white. Great style and only uses 1.5 gallons in each flush, yes!

new toilet2

And I’m not done yet…we ordered these sconces for the living room, install begins Wednesday. Let there be light!

vendome single sconcevendome double sconce


It feels good to be back.


Baby Girl’s Nursery Update

To date in the nursery we,

  • removed the white carpet when we moved in, pulled out hundreds of carpet staples out (barrel of laughs)
  • removed all of the furniture, some was sold on Craigslist
  • removed the chandelier
  • sanded the window trim and trim around built in dresser with orbital sander
  • painted
  • assembled crib

I went through loads of paint chips before narrowing them down and then getting samples from Lowe’s of BM’s Whitewater Bay, SW’s Marshmallow and BM’s Pink Damask. Those three sat on the wall for a few weeks as I scoured blogs like My Babies Planet for inspiration until finally I chose Pink Damask for the wall and Marshmallow for the trim and ceiling.


The painting was complete. I got home from work and went straight to the nursery and it just didn’t look right. The trim appeared to have a pink cast to it. I called the painter and said I thought the trim and wall colors had been confused but he was adamant that he gave his crew the right instructions. The painter and SW claim that Lowe’s actually color matched the color below Pink Damask and the trim was correct. So to create more of a contrast I had the trim painted SW Extra White, the wall was repainted Pink Damask (Lowe’s darker version) and the ceiling remained Marshmallow.

Still with me? OK.

Here’s a primitive blueprint of the nursery so you can get a better idea of where windows and doors are,

nursery plan

So we’re working with a room that is roughly 9 x 10, which is quite small according to the standards of most but I think offers enough space for what a baby needs especially when the child has additional play space in the house.

This 9×10 space comfortably accommodates a small 3-drawer dresser,

chase dresser world market

a rocker like this,

Sleepytime rocker nurseryworks

this crib,

baby mod crib

a bookcase turned bench like this,

expedit single

an accent table that has yet to be located and all the shelving and art you would want.

And…I’m still gathering fabric samples for crib bedding like these,

taj paisley pink Rikshaw Design

Taj Paisley

pink chevron newmom

pink chevron brownpaperpackages

pink ikat chevron prettyshinysparkly

Here are the samples I have collected shown together,

nursery fabric samples

I was considering the Taj paisley on the far left of the frame for the backing of the quilt my grandmother is making but its not working plus the fabric itself is really thin. So Taj has been eliminated.

The zig zag samples are for the bumper and although I like the two lighter pink zig zags they are little too large in scale for the bumper or the trim on the bench cushion. Because of their scale I decided to request a sample of Rubie Green’s East Village in light pink and I’m likely to go with that.

Rubie Green east village pink

The striped fabric and the Globalweave block print are for throw pillows that will sit on the bench and the solid pink is what my grandmother used in the quilt.

So whats left in fabric–I need to choose a solid white linen or linen blend for the bench cushion, the interior side of the bumper and window treatments. I also need to decide whether or not I’d like to do contrasting ties and trim on the bumper in brown or pick up the pink of the chevron. Does anyone have a source for their favorite affordable solid linen?

In addition to fabric, I found some cool casters to attach to my IKEA bookcase for the bench transformation,

brass casters Van Dykes

Van Dyke’s

Here’s another example of the look I’m trying to achieve with the bench,

lulu powers lonny bench

Lulu Powers, Lonny

And I found this little guy at a thrift store,

vintage pink elephant

I’m still on the fence about buying off the shelf roller shades or having them custom made with a brown greek key or simple band much like these,

trimmed roman shades

Amanda Nisbet girl's room

I’ve never gone custom with fabric shades before but I really want to. I’ve read some positive accounts in blogland. I considered the DIY route and I have seen Isabella & Max Rooms tutorial and I def respect that but I’m not that crafty, I’ve got a million other JOBS and I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant, shall I go on–no I’ll spare you. So if you want to share your custom shade experience with me I’m all ears, please email me. I know there are designers reading this, do tell.


Baby Girl’s Nursery Progress

By Posted on 0

Sorry about my absence this week, I’ve been trying to get around to photographing the cottage kitchen and doing a lot of other things.

These are the images that are influencing the nursery design,

Barry Dixon House Beautiful pink and brown

Gah Barry you killed me with this. That Paule Marrot print was on sale at the Well Appointed House recently and it would’ve been the perfect capstone for Baby Girl’s room but I couldn’t fork over the duckets required. The rug in this room is a natural fiber with a custom pink band around the perimeter polished off with some nailheads. My Mom gave me a round jute rug for the nursery and I’m wondering if I could get the local carpet place to hook me up with this? Definitely worth asking.

Smith Hanes pink beige bedroom

Clearly I’ve settled on a pink and gold/tan/beige scheme. I was up in the air in a previous post.

bench girl nursery

studiobon nursery bench

I’d like to put an inexpensive bench with casters that will also serve as storage under the windows

nathan turner Domino nursery
with an upholstered cushion and pillow menagerie a la Nathan Turner

ikea bookshelf over window

I’m also thinking about framing the crib in bookshelves for additional storage, IKEA would most likely be the source for the shelving. The closet is short and tiny in this room so we need some more places to stash some stuff away in baskets. The crib is 54″ wide and a full size bed is roughly 58″ so I would make sure that the opening was wide enough to accommodate a bed in the future.

little auggie simple tailored crib skirt

a simple, tailored crib skirt like this would be pretty alright.

A few other sure things,

bentwood cane stool etsy

image via estate eclectic

Betsy is either shipping a bentwood stool to me or carrying that thing on to a plane, either way its coming and will sit next to the Nurseryworks Sleepytime rocker from DC’s room.

Baby Giraffe No 5 Sharon Montrose

Sharon Montrose

hadley hutton spotted owl print

Hadley Hutton

carnival wheel print Sarah Giannobile etsy

Sarah Giannobile

striped linen pink fabric Avenue 55 etsy

Avenue 55

Global Weave block print Purl Soho

Global Weave, Purl Soho