Trends: Hats as Art & Display

Last year I was in a fantastic thrift/antique spot in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with one of my favorite girls on the planet. Myrtle Beach has a few redeeming qualities, one of those is that my best friend of 20 years (what!) lives there. Among lots of treasures, there were three straw hats hanging on the wall. I tried to explain to Amanda that we could group some in her entryway to make an artistic display or statement of sorts but also to channel a beach vibe but not in an obvious “Beach Life” distressed wood sign kind of way. I couldn’t convince her BUT maybe if I would’ve shown her these images, she could’ve seen it. If you need to pretty up your entry way a little or make a cool statement on the wall, this is an easy way to do it.

Behold –hats as art. I’ll race you to the straw hats in Goodwill!

Designer Tom Scheerer is way in to it. When I saw those hats at the shop I immediately thought of some of Scheerer’s entries.









hats trunk


hats shop


hats mirror


hats ladder

I’d like the bamboo sofa that cool girl is standing on.

hats b+w


Art! We love it. We like looking at it, talking about it, trying to understand it and today, we are thinking about collecting it!

But it can be a bit overwhelming.

Allow us to introduce to you, our most beloved resource for art advice, Miss Kara Meyer. She has come into our lives as our personal art buying consultant and she is reporting to us routinely from New York City where she is an active participant in that vibrant arts and cultural scene.

She’s really great at connecting people with causes that bring meaning and value to the philanthropic endeavor. We’re thrilled to have her on board to help us navigate the somewhat intimidating world of art collection!

Last month, she cruised Brooklyn’s affordable art fair with us in mind, and here is a little dive into the artwork that caught her eye that she sent our way for consideration.


Lizzie Gill

A young artist, on the rise. Her work translates to us as the nostalgic American ideal juxtaposed in a contemporary context.
Why we like it: She’s a self professed hoarder of Americana and you see her obsession in her collage work, but it’s got this wonderful twist, as though she is exploring the similarities between the lives of the golden era and how our modern day communication styles may or may not differ. We think she’s going places (ie buy this art as an investment piece). Here is her cv:

L'ete est pour les amateurs by Lizzie Gill

L’ete est pour les amateurs


Marcel Ceuppens

It’s like mad men meets contemporary art.
Why we like it: The themes, similar to the aforementioned, lean heavy on imagery from our parent’s days but with a contemplative loneliness that modern society conjures. The faceless man is our favorite, as if each of his adventures are a threshold, a moment of consideration, an internal dialog that sounds something like a monologue by Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting, Brad Pitt/Fight Club or Christian Slater in Mr. Robot.

The Building

The Building

the shadow marcel ceuppens

The Shadow

Maryline Lemaitre

These paintings feel heavy and old and steeped in a rich artful tradition. There is renaissance subject matter with layers of abstract expressionism piled on top and then scratched at. It’s heavy and textured.
Why we like it: Soothing color combos at first glance, incredible depth upon study

À flot perdu

À flot perdu

Jean-Paul Donadini

A contemporary, but working in a style that is very reminiscent of our favorite midcentury icons, like Lichtenstein or Yves Klein.
Why we like it: Graphic punch for a strong statement

Rouleau arrêté orange

Rouleau arrêté orange

Brosse arrêtée klein

Brosse arrêtée klein

Thanks so much for the intro to these wonderful works of art Kara. We’re excited to learn more from you!

Trends: Busted

Stately, abstract and a bit surprising, we think the bust is a fantastic accessory for the modernists to the new traditionalists. These figures are more than just art, they are creative and artful storage solutions.

Now more than ever, with flash-sale sites like One Kings Lane and curated thrift retailers like Chairish, it shouldn’t be too tough to get your hands on the bust that suits your space, and if you need more inspiration, check out the bust love on my Pinterest board. Happy hunting.

bust polaroid

A tall and narrow bust makes a fantastic hat rack as well. This particular bust recalls the ’20s, but any vintage, carved wooden piece like this one will add fantastic texture and help your hats maintain their shape when it’s not derby season.

Hat Stack Rack


John Y Wind FIgures


Jenny’s idea to have the demure statue “disappear” into the backdrop of the vanity is brilliant, and you can do the same by painting a classic Diana statuette the same color as the walls or surrounding area. It took me a minute to source an inexpensive solution, and of all places, I found it on SkyMall.

Jenny Komenda Painted Diana bust 2


















Graphic Prints for Kids

We love graphic prints for kids spaces, bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms and bathrooms. These simple but bold prints easily fall in to a fun gallery wall. Cruising through the portfolio of Pencil and Paper we spotted Banquet’s Neon Pink Heart print.

heart print found

banquet heart print

Lupen Grainne’s Photographic Prints

Photographer Lupen Grainne captures the often overlooked details of life in her photography. I stumbled on her work two years ago in her Etsy shop and fell in love with the stripes and the sense of summer’s end in her print Fisherman’s Day Off. I enjoy it everyday included as part of our gallery wall in the living room.

boat print


I saw the print again, a larger version, in a color study Amber recently posted,

fisherman's day off print

Maija Lourkari for Marimekko

I don’t know exactly how Sarah came by this Marimekko print, or even where it may hang in her house these days. I have a feeling it might be in DC’s bedroom. Here it is taking center stage in her bedroom about 3 homes ago.

I have long admired it. So I set to DIY my own to fill up a blank wall with LARGE art in the Heffe House. Sarah, do you mind if I jack your steelo?

Mine is pretty simple – it’s a shower curtain that I stretched over some canvas stretcher bars from Blick Art Supply.

In hindsight, I might have lined it, but all in all, I’m happy with it. It was a super inexpensive way to get some large impact art on our walls!

The final product landed as part of a cluttered vignette, atop the piano. Since I’m now striving to declutter, I’ve moved the piece into the den where the scale matches the room. I think it’ll live here as we work to improve the overall design of the home.

Kate’s Bedroom Do-Over

You guys might remember roommate Kate as my beloved apartment mate back at the treehouse. When we agreed to move in together, I had but one stipulation and that was that she allow me to make ALL of the home decor decisions. She agreed. She started out with a shortage of opinions in the design of our apartment, but soon evolved into an active participant in the process. She has since blossomed into a full fledged design lover and an avid home decor blog and shelter magazine consumer just like the best of us.

When she reached out for some help on her design for her new and super cute little cottage of an dwelling in Brentwood, I was happy to oblige. She wants her bedroom to feel feminine and soft… sweet with a bit of bling and she’s totally tired of her previous turquoise color scheme. She’s feeling coral these days. So, I took a crack at an inspiration board. What do you think?

Here are your shopping sources Kate! Holler back and let me know what you like and dislike!

Wallpaper  I  Light Fixture  I  Tufted Headboard  I  Lamps  I  Curtain Rods  I  Peacock Chair  I  Tray Table  I  Etsy Art  I  Peony Art  I  Urchin Sculpture  I  Toss Pillows  I  Flokati Rug

Art on One Kings Lane

I’m of the opinion that the flash sale site One Kings Lane is pretty legit when it comes to offering furnishings and accessories that will make your house spiffy.

I like many of their sales and one of my favorites are the art sales. For the next three days OKL is running a sale called “Beautifully Bohemian” packed with some art that is pretty darn good. The selection of and the purchase of art can and should be very, very personal and I realize that you art snobs out there might turn up your nose at buying art on OKL and I’m ok with that.

Extra 20% off when you enter the code FALLCHEER. Pretty nice. These are some of my picks.

art rorschach

Blue Rorschach 1

art lightning puzzle

Lightning Puzzle

art black flowers

Black Field of Flowers

art hollow hills

Hollow Hills

art tribal

Tribal Points

art horses

Black and White Horse Two

art scout

Detail of Scout

art shadow

Crouching in Shadow

art bird hair

Bird in Hair

art ramRam







Gallery Walls & Indecision

Gallery walls are on my mind a lot these days, they always had their place in my brain but lately they’ve been front and center.

And everyday I stare at this wall in my living room, weighing down my progress in getting this house situated,

sarah living roomWhat do you want wall? Do you want a big piece of art and two smaller ones nestled alongside?

gallery wall3Do you want a large abstract or a large photograph that stands alone?

gallery wall2

Do you want a gallery wall?

gallery wall

Do I need to go back to a sectional to wrap on to that wall?

Have you considered what I or the rest of the room wants at all? Did you think maybe the dining room wall might want a gallery wall too!

Oh the plague of indecision…sometimes I hit a wall but the answer will surface eventually.

Office Do Over: Photography Art

Two+ years ago I was looking at maybe Vogue Living Australia or House & Home and I saw this framed image leaning against a window sill,


I tore the image out and have had it in my inspiration binder. And then recently I stumbled upon the image on Pinterest and now I know that its Twiggy.

I liked the expression on the woman’s face, the sort of emptiness/boredom and lack of expression combined with the pop of the glasses and orange color. This image of Twiggy inspired me to purchase Valerie Chiang’s print which now hangs in my office. I’ve mentioned/posted about this print before but I finally put the two images together.

Valerie Chiang print

In case you’re curious I posted about redecorating my office here , here, here and here

Make Your Own

Don’t you think Betsy’s photograph,


Looks a lot like the photograph Thom Filicia used in the entry of the lake house in the current issue of House Beautiful…you’re nodding your head yes,


Give me one good reason why she shouldn’t blow this thing up and make some art?



I’m thinking side by side photographs is just the right thing for over my bed.

Now I’m a bit embarrassed to show you this because I need a new everything here…but this is the spot. You’re thinking yeah that room needs something and its not just art–that’s what I’d be mumbling to my computer screen right now if I was you.

This is what got me on the right track,

design by Hillary Thomas & Jeff Lincoln via House of Turquoise

I was reminded of the pair over the Ruffalo’s bed in Domino,

and then my mind quickly shifted to these prints,

Jennifer Squires Productions


Mi Favorito


yes I’m still here. I’ve been working on a bunch of little things—like taking the thrifty mid century office chair to the upholstery gal, taking care of a fussy but very cute baby girl Laney, yard work in 90 degree heat, taking cool art to the framer gal, planning to re-tile a shower and working at my “real” job.

Here is that cute fussy-butt referenced above,

Laney is now 7 1/2 months old, beautiful and amazing

And here are some things I love circling around Pinterest,

Get the look

Some recent observations when cruising around the internet looking at art-

So Nathan Turner has these great large scale photographic prints of flowers both in his condo and in his shop.

image via Nathan Turner

via So Haute

And I’m thinking this magenta Peony photograph from Jennifer Squires has a similar effect and will get the job done. How about this hung on a dark navy or gray wall or mixed with aqua and turquoise blue? Could be pretty great.

And for yo’ information Jennifer offers these sizes too-

$150 | 11×14 inches (28 cm x 36 cm)
$340 | 16×20 inches (40 cm x 50 cm)
$450 | 20×24 inches (50 cm x 60 cm)
$630 | 24×30 inches (60 cm x 75 cm)

Steven Gambrel always seems to feature a great landscape somewhere and this commanding image of clouds over the sea looks pretty damn amazing over that bed.

Aria by artist Halverson Frazier will get you one step closer to getting the look Gambrel created in the bedroom above.

Markham Roberts is another designer who uses great landscapes in his interiors like the photograph of the ocean above the sofa,

This mystic seascape will work some magic over your sofa,

Lontano– As from a distance

Perhaps you like a little less water in your abstract landscapes– for example,

or one of my favorites the abstract landscape in the dining room at Alexandra Pavoncelli’s Long Island home,

if you like those then you’ll like this,

and she has several more that you will love equally.