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Sarah’s Wish List for Christmas


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TEOT at Home

What do I do with that beautiful textile that I bought at The Estate of Things other than just drape it over a sofa arm?

I love it but how will it work in my space? We’re answering those kinds of questions and offering light suggestion with these images below…

Dash lumbar and square pillows

Rattan Table Lamp

Beni Ourain Pongo Rug

Pesce pillow and Bishop pillow

Perdita pillow and Chevie pillow

DePalma basket and Neon Sunrise


Office De-Lite

A friend of mine has recently been hitting me up for a little advice on her home office because she spends 40 hours+ a week in that space. Most recently, she was quizzing me on desks.

So it got me thinking about home offices.

I like a touch of ambiance when I find myself say… sorting and organizing receipts for hours in my office.

My advice is this–light a candle, surround yourself with inspiring art or images or a giant pinboard, get a comfortable chair, get the right lighting–multiple levels if possible.

Maybe include a rug that is a work of art on it’s own.

Put some music on and work it.





Design Finds at OMG, Amazon

What, did you say? Design Finds at Amazon?

Here at are our house, we’re hopelessly reliant upon the behemoth logistics company for our groceries, everyday household items, toys and long distance gift-giving. And recently more than ever I have come to the realization that tapping into the wal-mart of the web doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my design sensibilities — if I just dig a bit.

So, this year I’m gathering up gift guides with these design finds at Amazon for the procrastinating gift giver in all of us.


I’ve had a thing for flat black lately, I think its due in part to the success of the window frame project at the new house. So I’ve concentrated some of my finds on the sophistication of matte black, and I’ve tossed in a little natural wood finish and some brass glam here too.

Pair any of these items with crisp white walls, a warm rustic wood floor and some black window panes and you’re speaking my love language.

Design Finds at Amazon


1. Eames Style Eifel Chairs in Black   $98 for the pair |  2.  Gold Tipped Light Bulb   $6 |  3.  Matte Black Polyhedron Lamp Pendant  $205  |  4.  Tabletop Origami Star Sculpture $41 |  5.  Turned Wood Candlestick Holders  $25 |  6. Air Purifier & Diffuser  $28  |  7. Brass Pendant $95  |  8. Serge Mouille Reproduction $445  |  9.  Enamel Pendant $59  |  10. Plywood Chair $103 |  11. Ladder Display Rack $37


Also, if you visit instead of just amazon, then a percentage of your purchases will go to the charity of your choosing. I choose KCRW, the local NPR radio station in my town cause I’m into supporting music, culture and general curiosity!


What We Want on ETSY

It’s hard to believe it, but it is November.

I am a habitual last minute gift getter, but I couldn’t help but think to myself that it’s about that time for us be thinking up ideas for friends and loved ones.

I’m sure we have more proper gift guides coming soon, but for now, here is a look into the items on Etsy that have been commanding our attention each time we log in to that splash page of favorites! Maybe one or two will strike your fancy for a loved one in your life this holiday season.




Marbled Porcelain Hanger by LeahBall  |  Handwoven Blanket by Lovee  |  Tribal Rug  |  Dog Bed  |  Rattan Crib  |  Basket  |  Moroccan Pouf